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Today we are weary. All the exhaustion and emotion of this new journey is catching up to us. We are so thankful thatView full post »

brave little girl

Cora needs your prayers once again today. She did not have a very good night last night, and it seems that she isView full post »

chemo day two

“Listen to Me, you whom I have upheld since you were conceived and have carried since your birth. Even to yourView full post »

a new day

Every morning Joel and I wake up with that sick feeling in our stomachs. The reality hits again and we wonder if weView full post »

an update from dad

Hey everyone, this is dad writing to you tonight. (This is my first ever blog post so if I mess up too badly pleaseView full post »

Asking For Your Prayers

Hey this is James, Joel’s brother, just asking you to pray.  Cora is beginning her first round of chemotherapyView full post »

ups and downs

We started the day feeling pretty optomistic about things and ended the day pretty discouraged. I think that is howView full post »

a new journey

This is not a journey we ever imagined that we would be traveling. Especially not with our precious little girl. ButView full post »

cora’s story

Cora was born on March 5, 2008. We were instantly in love with our baby girl. She was such a joy to us in every way.View full post »