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Monthly Archives: April 2009

out of touch

I’m still here…don’t worry! We have been a little out of touch with the world this week. We had aView full post »

something happy

These days have been hard.  There are moments that Joel and I miss Cora so much that we can hardly bear it. We haveView full post »


Honestly, I have been dreading Easter for weeks now. I knew I would miss Cora more than ever today. I knew it wouldView full post »

hurry to etsy…

Cora’s is stocked! Lots of burpies. And thirty-five new dresses.   Grammy has been working REALLY hard!View full post »

two months

It has been two months since our little Cora went to meet Jesus.  How could two months have gone by already? It seemsView full post »

weekend to remember

A weekend away. Time together. Focusing on us. Talking. Date night. SO needed! If you ever have a chance to attendView full post »

more dresses coming…

…but not this week. Sorry! We are still working on them, but just didn’t get quite done. The last twoView full post »