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Monthly Archives: May 2009

playground equipment

Here is the Kompan equipment that I was talking about: This one is called the Home/Rescue Story Maker.  It is soView full post »


It doesn’t look like much now, but this is the future sight of Cora’s Playground. I know some of you wereView full post »

just a few

I am getting ready to post a few more Cora dresses. I know there are not many this time. Hopefully it is enough toView full post »

cora’s playground

Cora’s Playground is in the works. Over $40, 000 has been raised. Can you believe that? We are blown away byView full post »


This weekend was full of graduations and parties. My brother graduated from college and Joel’s sister graduatedView full post »

so thoughtful

You Etsy ladies are so kind.   My mail box was full with over forty Mother’s Day cards this past week.  My momView full post »

mother’s day

Today has been a really hard day. It is now on the list of top 10 worst days of my life (as my mom would say). I knewView full post »

the best job EVER

Being a mom is by far the best “job” I have ever had.  Before Cora was born I was a kindergarten teacher.View full post »

a visit from…

a fairy princess. My little niece Ellie came to stay with me for two days last week.  She even spent the night. She isView full post »