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Q & A {levi’s room}

THANK YOU for all the sweet comments about Levi’s room. I’m pretty sure I have the most encouraging readers ever! It was so fun for me to make Levi’s room his own. It is quickly becoming one of Levi’s favorite places to hang out and play during the day. We love it.
Just for fun, I dug out the only “before” picture I had of Levi’s room. This is how it looked when we moved in. Gotta love the light blue paneling and multi-colored striped carpet! It had to go though. I just couldn’t work with it.
And now to try to answer some of your questions…
* * * * *
Q: Where did you get the frame for the chicken wire thing. And what kind of paint did you use?

A: The frame is from Hobby Lobby…it was originally black. I used Krylon spray paint (True Blue) from Walmart to paint it. Any frame would work of course. I tried to find a frame at a thrift store or antique store but never came across one big enough, so I just ended up buying this one from Hobby Lobby. Make sure you wait until the frames are 50% off though…it makes them much more reasonable! Ashley has a greatΒ tutorialΒ if you want to make one.
* * * * *
Q:Β I love the multicolored card/print with levi’s name and birth information on it….
was that his birth announcement?

A: The customized birth print was a gift from Megan. Thanks Megan!! She got it from My Sweet Prints. It wasn’t Levi’s birth announcement…just something fun for his room. Levi’s birth announcements were from West Willow. There is one on the chicken wire frame too…or you can see it here.
* * * * *
Q: Can you please do a tutorial on how you added the material to the roller shades?

I wasn’t sure exactly how this project was going to work. I asked the lady at JOANNS what kind of adhesive she would recommend for adhering fabric to a roller shade and she suggested Fast Grab Tacky Spray. So that is what I tried.
Basically…I cut my fabric to the size of the shade plus a little extra so that I could fold it over at the bottom. I followed the directions on the spray can and sprayed the adhesive onto the roller shade (the shade was all unrolled and spread across a table). I laid my cut fabric on the adhesive and used my fabric ruler/cutter to smooth all the bubbles and creases out. After it had dried, I trimmed the extra fabric off the edges if there was any. Then, I rolled it up and hung it in Levi’s room. Pretty easy.
The roller shades have been hanging in Levi’s room for a few weeks now and I have noticed that there are creases and bubbles that are starting to show up when I pull the shades down. Bummer. Maybe I needed to use more adhesive than I did?? So, this might not be the best tutorial…but that is what I did. If anyone has used a different adhesive that worked for roller shades make sure to let us all know!
* * * * *
Q: Could you do a paint-the-tree-on-the-wall tutorial?

A: Oh man. Now I know why I don’t usually have tutorials on my blog. πŸ™‚Β 

The tree…I found a picture of a tree online that I liked the basic outline of and printed it onto an overhead transparency. I borrowed an overhead projector to shine the image onto the wall. I started with the tree trunk and branches and painted it right onto the wall following the overhead projector lines. I painted one color at a time and waited until it had dried to start the next color. I used the little sample cans from Lowes…it was plenty of paint…I don’t remember the colors though.

This is what Levi did while I was painting. Look at his cute little round face! It was much easier to do projects when my little man could be contained in one place…
and when I could paint in his room while he was sleeping and he wouldn’t even wake up. That seems like so long ago!
* * * * *
Q:Β Just wondering how you like the rocking chair. I love the one at pottery barn kids but don’t want to spend that kind of money. This one looks perfect and the price is right. How much do you use it and is it comfortable?

Q: Which slip cover if any you purchased from Walmart for your rocker and ottoman?

A: I too loved the Pottery Barn chair but didn’t want to spend the money. This rocking chair & ottoman from Walmart was so similar and much better priced. I read the reviews and decided to give it a shot. We have had it for a little over three years now and have been very pleased. I fed both of my babies in it every night until they were sleeping through the night. Joel and I have both sat in it every night to read the kids books before bed too. It is comfy and substantial…Joel even thinks so and that is saying a lot! The beige suede looking slip covers weren’t my favorite, but the only neutral option. They are better than I expected…and I have washed and dried them several times (due to the spit-up babies) and they came out great!

* * * * *

Q: Did you make the pillows with the zebra fabric?

A: Yes, I made the zebra pillows. The fabric was from Hancock Fabrics…I think.
* * * * *

Q: What is the paint color in the room?Β 

A: The paint color is Benjamin Moore’s Carrington Beige. Love it. In fact I love it so much that after we painted Cora’s nursery this color, I repainted my whole downstairs (kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom and mudroom) the same color. It is a great neutral.
* * * * *

Q: Will Levi be in a bed by the time the baby comes?
A: Good question. I don’t know yet. πŸ™‚

* * * * *

Q:Β Did you get closet organizers for his closet and if so, where did you find them?
A: We put the closet inserts in ourselves. The brand is Easy Track and we got them from our local lumber and hardware supply store. The shelves sit on metal pegs and are adjustable…so are the hanging rods. The green fabric bins are from Target.
* * * * *
Q:Β Did you build his bookshelf onto the wall?

That little mini chalkboard with the alphabet is so cute too! Is it an antique?
A: No, the book rack is from Pottery Barn Kids. It is mounted to the wall so that kids can’t pull it down.
I found the mini chalkboard at a local antique store.
* * * * *
Q: Where did you get all the letters?
A: The “moo” letters are from Hobby Lobby. They were gold and I spray painted them navy blue and sanded them a little. The “L” on the dresser is from JOANNS. I used Mod Podge to cover it with graph paper.
We found the “L” above Levi’s crib on the side of the road. It had fallen off an abandoned building. How perfect that it happened to be an “L” that fell off??!!

* * * * *

Q: Is Levi’s room 2 different levels? It looks like when you first come in you step down?

A: A downstairs bathroom addition was added onto our house before we moved in. The bathroom ceiling is lower than the rest of our house, so when this bedroom was added upstairs they put a step in where the bathroom starts. It definitely limits where you can put furniture. Levi likes it though…he often sits on the step when he is playing in his room. It makes the room unique!

* * * * *

Q: Can you do a post that lists the blogs you frequent for sweet ideas?
A: Here are a few blogs/sites I like to look at for decorating ideas:
There are so many places to get great ideas…those are just a few I like.
* * * * *
Q: Now can we see the rest of your house?Β 
A: Didn’t you notice how long it took me to post Levi’s room tour??!! We will see. Maybe someday you can see some more of my house. πŸ™‚

(photo by Gina Dreher)

Until then…here is a picture of me and sweet Cora in front of our little farm house.

Hope that answers most of your questions!
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