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Monthly Archives: February 2012

we aren’t here today…

I am over at Take Heart sharing my love story. So, if you want to hear all about how I met and fell inView full post »

need a ride?

Sometimes on Mondays I feel like I just need someone to give me a ride until I can find the energy and brain power toView full post »

my boys {via instagram}

It has been awhile since I have posted any phone pictures. Here are a few of my boys. Levi has been really interestedView full post »

cousin memory

Levi loves his cousins. He talks about them all the time. He says each one of their names and asks where they are. HeView full post »

griffin {5 months}

Dear Griffin, Somehow these months keep flying by. I know that “baby time” always goes fast, but how canView full post »

more cousin love {a valentine party}

We had our first cousin Valentine party last year and it was so fun that Levi and I decided it might need to become aView full post »

happy heart day

I tried really hard to get a smiley picture of me and my two little loves. This was the best we could do. one veryView full post »

happy heart banner {a tutorial}

I wanted to think of some Valentine decorations that Levi could help me make his year. I came up with a watercolorView full post »

cora’s heaven birthday {2012}

cora’s heaven birthday  ::  february 8, 2012 We have always called this day Cora’s heavenly anniversary.View full post »