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Monthly Archives: April 2012

an oldie {needing a little help}

I was looking through some old posts and came across this one that I wrote for Ashley’s 10 in 10 series a yearView full post »

griffin {seven months}

Dear Griffin, Month seven has been a big turning point around here. I think we are finally figuring each otherView full post »

sarah + abraham winners {finally}

I have been googling, searching through Blogger forums, emailing smart blogging friends, talking to my blog designerView full post »

watching the garden grow

We planted our garden this weekend. Levi has been helping his papa in the garden for several weeks now, so he is reallyView full post »

four wheelin’

This little four wheeler has been on loan to us from some sweet friends. It is the best toy that Levi has and weView full post »


Can you believe how big he looks sitting up in the highchair? Me neither. All of a sudden Griffin is seeming like suchView full post »

sitting at the park

**We are safe. Thank you to those who left a comment or sent an email to check on us after the tornadoes. It wasView full post »

it’s friday!

It’s been awhile since my last Insta-Friday post. Here are some of my favorites from the past month or so. 1.View full post »

easter {2012}

Easter {2012} I love Easter and all that it means for us as Christians. Seriously, how awesome is it to have a dayView full post »