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Monthly Archives: May 2012

I forgot that summer is busy.

 We had a great weekend. Busy, but full of lots of fun things. I realized this weekend that I forgot how busy summerView full post »

always remember

I saw this video at church yesterday. Today we remember.   And we thank God for the many soldiers and theirView full post »

griffin {eight months}

Griffin  ::  8 months The eight month picture was a challenge. Rolling over wasn’t a problem thisView full post »

pics with miss megan

I begged Megan to take Griffin’s six month pictures. Levi calls her Miss Megan. She has taken six month picturesView full post »

a picnic kind of day

We spent the morning at the park with my grandparents. My grandma packed us a picnic lunch. It was a greatView full post »

spring cleaning

So…I’ve been doing a little spring/summer cleaning. My sister and I are having a garage sale in a fewView full post »

daddy’s little shadow

He would go everywhere with his dad if he could. And I’m pretty sure he thinks that his presence is crucial toView full post »

griffin’s dedication

(photos by Ian Johnson) Four years ago on Mother’s Day we dedicated Cora. Two years ago onView full post »

the privilege of being a mama

There was a time when I dreaded Mother’s Day. It was on Mother’s Day 2009 that I realized what anView full post »