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How did the weekend come so fast? This summer is just flying by. We are gearing up for a 4th of July party this week,View full post »

roll your way to the Lord

Thank you for all the encouragement last week. I had so much fun reading through all the comments. I told Joel thatView full post »

garage sale finds

Let me start by saying I am not a garage saler (is that a word?). I wish I was. I have been to a few garage sales butView full post »

the Word

Halfway. Today is day fifteen of my thirty day challenge. Every day has definitely not been an “ideal” timeView full post »

a little more farming

As of this past weekend, wheat harvest is done and the beans are planted. Two checks off our summer list. We made manyView full post »

the day i became a real farm wife

On the Saturday before Memorial Day weekend Joel asked me if I could help him take the combine out to the field. I wasView full post »

YAY for summer!

Yay! I was so encouraged to know that some of you will be joining me for the 30 day challenge. I need theView full post »

I need a plan…

Another month is over and summer is in full swing. How did that happen? I am feeling like time is flyingView full post »