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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Griffin {twelve months}

And just like that Griffin’s monthly pictures are done. That is probably a very good thing because trying toView full post »

family pictures {2012}

Remember I told you that we were having our family pictures taken this week? Well, Gina is amazing and they areView full post »

first haircut

I finally caved and the day came for baby brother’s first haircut. Why is it so hard to say goodbye to thoseView full post »

still here

We are still here. Last week just ended up being a little crazy. I have so many things I wanted to tell you about butView full post »

on a walk

We have finally had some nice days here in Kansas. Yay for fall! I love to go on walks with my boys. There isView full post »

“built-in” bookshelves

I get emails about my built-in bookcases all the time and have always meant to write a post about them. After myView full post »

repurposed block boxes

Wooden blocks have always been one of my favorite toys for kids. I had wooden blocks in my kindergarten classroom andView full post »

thinking on this…

This summer has been so dry here in Kansas. Like really hot and everything is dying kind of dry. And for some reasonView full post »

minted on plum district

I just had to share this awesome deal with you today. Right now at Plum District you can get a $40 gift certificate toView full post »