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embracing the camera

We didn’t get out of the house much last week because of my sick babies…we didn’t do much of anything for that matter. But we did our best to embrace the camera along with Ashley and Emily and try to enjoy our moments together at home and get in front of the camera. A lot of our moments last week were full of sickness, tears, exhaustion and stress…but I know very well that even those moments with my babies are a blessing.

Day 1 :: smiles

The beginning of the week did not include many smiles from these boys…so this was the best we could do that day. One sick boy did more crying than smiling…and one uncooperative three year old wanted to see how close he could get to the camera.

Day 2 :: making memories

I am thankful for a house full of tractors, semi-trucks and cows. Sometimes I get so tired of setting up cattle pens and hooking up trailers to tractors…but these are precious days I know I am going to miss.

Day 3 :: everyday moments

If we are riding in the car Levi is probably belting out his favorite songs while playing his air guitar. He does the best air guitar. I like to join in even though his voice is way cuter. One of my prayers for him as he grows is that he will always worship Jesus with all of his heart like he does as a three year old.

Day 4 :: creative

We had to be super creative last week to pass the time. It was crazy windy on this day so we decided to get out the tent and roast some marshmallows. I think it kept them busy for about five minutes. 😉

Day #5 :: faces

Today we were all well and Joel is seeing small signs of improvement to his face. We should be all smiles…but Joel can’t really smile because of his Bell’s palsy…and apparently Griffin can’t smile today either…so this is the best we could do. I’ve been reminded these past few weeks to thank God for the little things that I so often take for granted…like being able to swallow your food without crying and the ability to smile. Thank you for praying for Joel and our family…I’m so looking forward to seeing his smile again!

Hope you all have a great week!

These pics were all from the #embracethecamera challenge on Instagram…

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  • creole wisdom - How cute are you!? I know these past few weeks haven’t been the easiest. Your sweet family has been in my prayers. You are wonderful Jess, as is your perspective!ReplyCancel

  • leiah - That tent/fire idea is SO cute!ReplyCancel