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boy-ish valentines

I have a house full of boys. Boys are awesome. However, boys do not like hearts and pink and other frilly valentines-y things. At least my boys don’t. But valentines day is super fun so I went searching for some “boy-ish” valentine ideas. After scrolling through Pinterest I came up with a list of ideas that I thought my boys would approve of. They narrowed my list down to whoopee cushions, punch balloons and gum. And all of a sudden valentines day was awesome again. 🙂

These are not my original ideas as I saw various versions of each one on Pinterest but I wanted something more specific to boys that we could pass out to their cousins. So I texted my super talented friend, Jen, and she came up with these awesome tags for each one. Jen is the best and she is even letting me share the printables with you! Thanks, Jen!! Also make sure you check out Jen’s blog because she has some more cute kid valentine ideas!

Griff chose whoopee cushions. Let me tell you that the tooting jokes and pranks have been running wild around here. I guess I can’t be mad about it because it was my idea. Their smiles and giggles are totally worth it. And eventually they will pop, right!?

Griff was trying so hard to make horrible faces at me because he knew I was taking his picture, but then I caught this smile.

I love him and his little preschool handwriting so much. Two kids who can write their own names on their valentines is pretty great! I hope my sister and sister-in-laws don’t hate me too much for sending these home with all the cousins. At least I was smart enough not to send them to school. 🙂

Whoopie Valentine

free printable tags | whoopie cushions | chalk pen | bakers twine

Levi chose punching balloons. Partially because I told him I didn’t think his teacher would appreciate with her whole class of first graders had whoopie cushions. Oh my. He is all about football and tackling and anything physical so these were perfect for him.

Hopefully the first graders will keep them in their bags until they get home. A whole room of kids with punching balloons probably wouldn’t be fun either.

Punch Valentine

free printable tags (cousin / friend) | punch balloons | clear party bags

Jakey chose bubble gum. Mostly because he just wanted to eat it all. He loves gum. If you ever want to make friends with him, just hand him a pack of gum.

Originally I was going to buy those candy tubes and big bubble gum balls but I had these little mini cups and bubblegum on hand already so I just went with what we had. I thought they turned out so cute!

Stuck on You Valentine

free printable tags (cousin / friend) | bubble gum | mini cups | bakers twine

Tomorrow we are hosting our annual cousin valentines party! It should be fun! I meant to post these much earlier so that you had time to use the printables too, but that just didn’t happen. So if you are looking for a last minute idea…here you go! Or just tuck these ideas away for next year and you will be way ahead. Leave a comment or tag me on Instagram (@jessmcclenahan) if you end up using any of the tags. I’d love to see!

  • Jody - Our school parties were yesterday. Someone in 5th grade gave out punching balloons. I only had to tell one person in the hall not to do hit it on someone’s face…and it was a girl! LolReplyCancel

  • Mary Ann - Over the years, I have always loved to see your cousin’s Valentine party and then the photos afterward. Your boys are so darling. I hope the party is everything and more than you and the boys had hoped for. ENJOY!!ReplyCancel