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nine years of letting go

Sunday would have been Cora’s ninth birthday. We made our way to the cemetery after church to release balloonsView full post »

first day, first grade

As of Friday, we finished up our fourth week of school. The school year is flying by already! Levi was so pumped forView full post »

more than enough

March 5, 2016. Cora would have been eight. I can hardly even imagine eight. How do you celebrate the birthday of aView full post »

wind storms & rock piles

Three weeks ago today I found myself once again painting rocks with the boys and preparing to take a little trip to theView full post »

august 18, 2015

August 18, 2015. The day I turned thirty-four and the day my baby boy started kindergarten. Talk about feeling all theView full post »

six month mac babies

Since I posted Jake’s six month photos I had to go back and look at all of my babies at six months…just forView full post »


I was talking to a friend about birthdays and we both agreed that every year is hard for a different reason. You see,View full post »

cora’s heaven day // february 8, 2015

So much has happened this past month I hardly know where to begin. So I will start with today. February 8,View full post »

she would have been six

Wednesday was Cora’s birthday. She would have been six. The boys and I have started a little tradition ofView full post »