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nine years of letting go

Sunday would have been Cora’s ninth birthday. We made our way to the cemetery after church to release balloonsView full post »


I was talking to a friend about birthdays and we both agreed that every year is hard for a different reason. You see,View full post »

she would have been six

Wednesday was Cora’s birthday. She would have been six. The boys and I have started a little tradition ofView full post »

he never lets go

Wow!!!!! Thank you SO much for your help with The Joyful Life Library project. I really don’t even know how toView full post »


Today she would have been four. I wish I could tell you that we partied and celebrated the day away…rememberingView full post »

three pink balloons

Thank you so much for your sweet words and many prayers. I can’t tell you how much it means to us. Once again,View full post »

march fifth

Three years ago tonight I was getting my tired, pregnant self ready for bed, totally unaware that in just a few hoursView full post »


(photo by Megan Duerksen) My sweet baby girl would be two today. We miss her so much everyday. But, I can’tView full post »

pink balloons

We made it through Cora’s birthday.  The weather was just beautiful. We celebrated Cora’s precious life,View full post »