Halloween 2014 goes down in the books as the easiest halloween ever. When I asked the boys what they wanted to be they both yelled, “Super heroes!”. It just so happened that they were super heroes two years ago. They still had the capes and masks I made them and they both already had super hero shirts that fit. Done. And my sister had a little spider man outfit for Jakey…because he couldn’t be left out of the super hero gig.


Thursday evening our church hosted a Trunk or Treat. Trunk or treating is my favorite. We just walked around the parking lot in a big circle and then we were done. No scary costumes and the boys got lots of candy so they were so happy.


The next day we trick or treated down Main Street in our little town with some of our cousins. It was fun too except that Griffin cried every time he saw a scary costume…which was like every five seconds. Poor guy. Let’s all just dress up in fun, happy costumes next time, okay? I ended up carrying him pretty much the entire time. He was still pretty happy about his candy though…of course.


The little cow on the end was being very entertaining and no one wanted to look at the camera. Cousins are so fun!


I have no words for these next photos. I told them to give me their best super hero poses and this is what I got. Enjoy the entertainment.



These two always keep me laughing.


I tried to get a shot with all three superheroes. But then I remembered that boys cannot hold still. Especially boys who are wanting candy.;)


Dressing up and getting candy is so fun…and so crazy. How in the world am I going to keep up with all three of them next year? I’d better get my superhero cape ready because I’m going to need one. Haha.

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  • November 3, 2014 - 10:59 am

    Mary Ann - Jess…I think you ARE a superhero. You are an amazing mother and wife. I admire your spunk and enthusiasm in raising your boys. They are so precious and the photos….they are priceless. I’m glad you enjoyed the Halloween festivities. My 4-year-old grandson was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. It is a fun time for kids that age. I love your posts. I know it must be hard to keep them going, but please don’t stop. I love your blog and those boys…well every picture, every post is just precious and makes me smile every time. I love your faith in our Savior and the trust you put in Him. You are being a faithful daughter and your are one very special superhero mama.ReplyCancel


  • November 3, 2014 - 2:47 pm

    leiah - A Wonder Woman outfit :)ReplyCancel


  • November 3, 2014 - 5:13 pm

    nee - super cuties!and i agree no scary costumes allowed! :)ReplyCancel


  • November 4, 2014 - 4:41 pm

    Mary Ann - I forgot to mention that I love the picture of the boys in front of Cora’s playground. Your lovely daughter, your Cora, is not forgotten. I think of her often when I go to your blog. It reminds me of how precious life is and how much each individual in our lives, no matter how long they stay in our lives, makes our lives so much richer and better for having known and loved them. Thanks as always for sharing a bit of your life with us blog friends. Some of us don’t know you in person but it’s not hard to love your family.ReplyCancel


  • November 4, 2014 - 8:50 pm

    Melinda - Your boys are absolutely adorable! Love the super hero faces :)ReplyCancel


  • November 5, 2014 - 11:30 am

    creole wisdom - What cute goof-balls you have! I love the super hero costumes… so colorful and fun. I agree about the scary stuff. There’s just no need for that.ReplyCancel


  • November 6, 2014 - 12:33 am

    Stefanie - They looked so cute!ReplyCancel


I’ve missed this little space of mine. Life with three boys has been a little…well…WILD. With Joel being so busy on the farm (fall is his busiest time of year) and all of us adjusting to our new rolls in this growing family (some having a harder time with that adjustment than others), sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with this task God has given me. Overwhelmed because it’s crazy hard some days and overwhelmed because I am crazy blessed. Three boys, who would have thought?! So after taking a break from this little blog (not even on purpose) it is hard to know where to pick it back up again. That in itself is overwhelming and makes me just want to close my laptop and go find a place to hide. I’m sure the boys would find me in five seconds though. Haha.

Most days I wonder if I should even keep writing here, if the season of this blog is over and there are more important things I should be doing. And while there are definitely days that is true and things have changed, I keep hearing God remind me that he is still teaching me so much…and that is what I need to write down and share. Not because this blog is really that great, but because He deserves all the glory for the things He is doing in my family. I want to continue to proclaim what the Lord has done and continues to do…whether that be in my home, to my friends, to strangers I meet at the grocery store, or on this blog. And this is a place that I can do just that.

So, because I really don’t know where to pick up from since the last time we talked, here are a few things we have been up to lately…


Jake is growing so fast…which reminds me, I need to post his three month photo…right after I actually remember to take it. He is the sweetest, most easy going baby. He has rolls like you wouldn’t believe but that just makes you want to squeeze him more. I could snuggle him all day.

jake love

I am not the only one who loves to snuggle Jake. I often hear one of the boys asking if they can hold Jake. They love him. We all love him.

other happenings

And while Jake is taking up a lot of our time lately, we have been up to a few other things…the boys have been saving the world in our backyard, Levi learned to ride a bike, Jake went for his first tractor ride, Griffin finally got out for some fresh air after being sick with pneumonia (no fun!), Daddy and Uncle Owen put up a new-to-us swing set, we went to the state fair, the boys have been logging in plenty of tractor time, we’ve been getting ready for fall, and we celebrated Griffin’s third birthday.

I have lots more to share and I’m sure I will get caught up in time. So keep checking back every once in awhile. In the meantime I will keep lovin’ on these sweet boys of mine…and when I have a few free moments (does that ever happen with three boys?!) I will keep writing about our crazy life on the farm. I will consider the great things God continues to do in my little family. And I urge you to do the same!

But be sure to fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you.

1 Samuel 12:24

You can keep up with us by following me (@jessmcclenahan) on Instagram too!

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  • October 29, 2014 - 7:42 pm

    Lea - Oh, I can only imagine how little time you have for blogging right now. But, these little boys will grow up in no time and then you will have time all for yourself. It’s fun reading and sharing in the lives of young Moms that are truly “doing it right” and raising future adults to make a difference in this world. Blessings to you as you continue on……….ReplyCancel


  • October 29, 2014 - 7:51 pm

    gin - Your family is lovely. and i love seeing yall grow physically and spiritually. God loves you and it shows! please don’t stop blogging , I love checking in on you.ReplyCancel


  • October 29, 2014 - 10:04 pm

    elma - Oh your little one is so beautiful!! Yes your days are so busy but they sure grow up fast don’t they?? I have eight Blessings and I just don’t know where the time went!!ReplyCancel


  • October 30, 2014 - 6:09 am

    Toni :0) - I always love checking in on your sweet family. Looks like everyone is enjoying baby brother and soaking in some gorgeous fall days. Blog when you can, we are all still here and praying for you. Continue savoring these precious moments because they sure are fleeting.ReplyCancel


    • November 2, 2014 - 11:42 pm

      Jess - Hi Toni. Thanks for checking in on us. I so appreciate your prayers!!ReplyCancel


  • October 30, 2014 - 7:06 am

    Carley - For what it’s worth, your blog is one of my favorites. Your insight into parenting and God’s truth always stirs me to chase harder after the Lord. Clearly, I would understand if this season of blogging is over…but I hope you will continue to share. You are such an encouragement and truth-speaker to us moms.ReplyCancel


    • November 2, 2014 - 11:41 pm

      Jess - Awww, thanks so much Carley. That has always been my prayer with this blog…that I would be a truth-speaker and encourage others to press harder into Jesus. Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement.ReplyCancel


  • October 30, 2014 - 8:17 am

    Marcia - Jess, as a mother of three, now 25, 21, and 15, holding onto your own voice can be a concentrated effort. Good mama’s turn it all over to their babies. We just want to! I’m first and foremost 1. Honey/Babe (wife), 2. Mom/Mama/Hey woman who cooks me food (mother) 3. Daughter 4. Sister 5. Employee/Coworker 6. Friend. Sad how far down the line friend falls! Sometimes I get lost in all those labels. What is my voice? My thoughts and interests, separate and inclusive of the labels. I think your blog gives you that voice. It can sustain that part of you than can get a bit lost for the next 20 years or so. How God speaks to you, Jess. How Jess feels about all of the blessings or challenges in her life. I feel a connection to humanity through your blog. I’m shy and reserved at best. Checking your blog, finding a post, is much to me like meeting a friend for coffee. Maybe it’s selfish of me to wish you to continue, but we’re out here Jess. Hearing you, hearing your message, loving your family, making a whole other network of prayer and support directed your way. I hope you don’t give it up. You have no idea who I am, where I live, or what I’m like, but know that you change my days for the better, and I’m out here, cheering you on.ReplyCancel


    • November 2, 2014 - 11:39 pm

      Jess - Thanks for being my cheerleader, Marcia. You are so sweet!ReplyCancel


  • October 30, 2014 - 10:04 am

    GB Jost - Oh Jess,
    I love your blog. I totally understand the chaos of what your feeling…having 3 myself. Write when you can, we will survive. To me your blog is a mini devotional. A reminder to never take for granted what God has given me. Blessings Jess…


    • November 2, 2014 - 11:37 pm

      Jess - Thanks so much for the encouragement, GB. I miss you!! So good to be able to hug you and catch up a little at church today.ReplyCancel


  • October 30, 2014 - 2:54 pm

    Jennifer - Your little guys rolls are just awesome! Our middle daughter had rolls like that; boy, do I miss them! Thank you for taking the time to post. I really enjoy your blog and just love your perspective on life…so refreshing!ReplyCancel


    • November 2, 2014 - 11:36 pm

      Jess - Thanks so much, Jennifer. I love the rolls too. I could just squeeze him all day!!ReplyCancel


  • October 30, 2014 - 3:25 pm

    Elizabeth - Hi Jess- Oh how I smiled when I just saw this email pop up in my inbox at work! I am having a tough day in that I am overwhelmed with problems I have created and some I haven’t. I was just sitting in my car during my lunch hour wondering how I am going to get through the next couple of months. Then I came in and read your post about being a momma. I am a momma to two boys. They are my greatest joy and blessings. I had cancer when I was 16 and the doctors told me I would never have children because the chemo would kill all of my eggs. The doctors wanted to harvest my eggs, thus delaying my chemo treatments by 6 months. I couldn’t imagine living with cancer in me for 6 extra months so I declined. I told myself that if God wanted me to be a mother, then I would be a mother. Whether I adopted, had them myself, or had a surrogate, I would become a mother. So you can imagine my surprise when I found out I was pregnant just 3 months after I got married. I couldn’t believe that God had granted me the greatest desire of my heart. It was funny because when my son was born he was 10 pounds. I took him to my oncologist to show him off and my doctor asked me where I got him. Where did I get him? I told the doctor that I had him! He was my biological child! The doctor then said “Shows you how much I know!” It was a moment that made me know, deep in my heart, how much God loves me. I know that God will be with me as I walk ahead in these coming months of uncertainty. I know that I will be ok, because I am a survivor. Thank you for sharing your stories and your sweet boys with all of us. You don’t know me from Adam, but I feel like I know you. We are two married women who love God and our families and are just trying to do the best we can each and every day. xoxoxReplyCancel


    • November 2, 2014 - 11:36 pm

      Jess - Hi Elizabeth. Oh my goodness…what an amazing story of God’s goodness and faithfulness in your life. Thanks so much for sharing. And yes, He will continue to be good in faithful through any difficulties you have ahead of you. Keep clinging to Him!ReplyCancel


  • October 30, 2014 - 3:47 pm

    Michelle from Australia - Loving the photos!! Wonderful update Jess. In future years, you’ll look back on these posts and be so glad you did them.ReplyCancel


    • November 2, 2014 - 11:33 pm

      Jess - I know! I love looking back and remembering. :)ReplyCancel


  • October 30, 2014 - 6:39 pm

    Wendy Trevino - Please continue to blog as you are able! I am always inspired by your walk with the Lord and the things you share.ReplyCancel


  • October 30, 2014 - 9:46 pm

    Crystal - Please keep blogging. The Lord has used you in my life in more ways than I can count. Long before we knew we would have a child in heaven I read your blog. After losing our son I often think of posts you had written in your darkest days and I’m encouraged. Thank you.ReplyCancel


    • November 2, 2014 - 11:32 pm

      Jess - Hi Crystal. I am so, so sorry for the loss of your son. I know you miss him like crazy! And thank you for your kind words. I am always so, so thankful when I find out how God is using our journey of losing Cora and clinging to Him to encourage others. What a gift to know that our suffering is never wasted!ReplyCancel


  • October 30, 2014 - 10:16 pm

    Debby Graber - I was going to gab at you tonight – saw you as we were leaving the Trunk or Treat. But I couldn’t get my window rolled down as we were leaving. We had it set on lock for the grandkids! Adam was talking with Joel. Did the boys enjoy the treats in the church parking lot? I LOVE your blogs and your photos so am happy you can blog when you can. You young moms were the ones who encouraged me to blog so many years ago, remember? I can’t do it like you, but I do enjoy having this little photo diary!ReplyCancel


    • November 2, 2014 - 11:29 pm

      Jess - Hi Debby! Good to see you today. Yes, my boys looooved trunk or treating. Thanks for your encouragement…you have always been such a huge encouragement to me!ReplyCancel


  • October 31, 2014 - 10:59 am

    Bethany - I’m so glad you’re still blogging. It is hard, but it is so worth it. I am hit or miss with my five babies, spread apart farther than yours, but I’m so glad to look back and see the memories. I love reading your blog and keeping up with your little family. Sweet Cora will never be forgotten and I love seeing all the pictures of the little boys. My family is mostly girls. :)ReplyCancel


    • November 2, 2014 - 11:28 pm

      Jess - Thanks for your kind words, Bethany. Yes, I love looking back at the memories too!ReplyCancel


  • November 1, 2014 - 8:57 pm

    Donna - I have been reading your blog since started writing about Cora. I would very sadly miss your updates and the pictures of your adorable little cherubs.ReplyCancel


  • November 3, 2014 - 10:17 am

    Julie - I love your blog! Please keep posting! It is such a bright spot in my day that I look forward to! I’m a mom of two living in Seattle. I have been following your blog since Cora. You have a beautiful family and I’ve always loved the idea of leading a farm life, so maybe I’m living through you vicariously. You have the most picturesque family and home! Have a lovely, blessed week. Hang in there! :)ReplyCancel


  • November 5, 2014 - 7:04 pm

    Suzette - Don’t stop! I love catching little glimpses of your world. I have only one child (a boy) and he is almost driving age. I miss all the adventures you are having. Keep blogging…your family and your boys are adorable!ReplyCancel


  • November 11, 2014 - 7:32 pm

    Lori - Please keep this blog going! You are such a Godly woman – I have been reading since before griffin was born – I love your pictures, decorating ideas, party planning and what a strong woman you are. I have twin boys that are 19 years old now. Seeing your babies, warms my heart. You are reaching people, that is a blessing. LoriReplyCancel



Corn harvest happened at the end of August. The boys were so excited this year. They wanted to pack their lunches and head to the farm as soon as they woke up. Every single day.

corn harvest2

These boys don’t know what a good daddy they have. Pretty much every single day he would let them pack their lunches and come ride for at least a little while…and sometimes for the whole afternoon.


These two know everything about the farm and corn harvest. Sometimes when people ask me a question I have to turn to Levi and ask him if he knows…he usually does.

corn harvest1

Joel was driving truck for most of harvest this year. Levi loved opening up the hopper on the grain trailer to let the corn out. And both boys would sweep up the leftover corn. Then it was back into the truck to pick up another load. Back and forth all day.

corn harvest5

I wish this picture could have sound attached to it. Griffin was so funny whenever Joel would back up the truck to unload. He would yell, “STOP!” as loud as he could until the truck stopped in the right spot. He thought he was being so helpful. Joel totally couldn’t even hear him.;)


Joel keeps most of the corn they grow for cattle feed. They store it in bins on the farm.

corn harvest3

This is where the truck pulls in…you can see some of the grain bins too. Thumbs up from Levi. He always tells Joel that he’s doing a great job. Such a little encourager.


Levi got to ride out in the field with my brother, Owen, some too. He even learned how to talk on the radio this year. I wish I could have heard his conversations. That boy is a talker.

corn harvest instagram

You can follow the boys’ farming adventures on Instagram too. I am @jessmcclenahan if you want to follow along.

jake tractor ride

Corn harvest is over but wheat planting has begun. This is Joel’s busiest time of year. And with so many little boys wanting to ride, Jake hasn’t had a turn yet…until last night. Jake finally got to go on his first tractor ride. It put him right to sleep, of course.

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  • September 30, 2014 - 1:50 pm

    Elizabeth G - My twins just turned 2 and they are finally getting old enough to actually ride with Daddy and Grandpa and they love to “help” out in the shop. Luckily for them harvest is just starting. They don’t know what a good Daddy they have either :)ReplyCancel


  • September 30, 2014 - 2:57 pm

    Cindy - Awesome pictures and memories made.ReplyCancel


  • September 30, 2014 - 4:29 pm

    kimberly oyler - ahh so fun! that levi sure does know a lot about the farm. :)ReplyCancel


  • September 30, 2014 - 4:47 pm

    Molly - I just love this. all of it. i grew up on a family farm. so many precious memories. farm life is a good life. wish my kiddos could experience all of that.ReplyCancel


  • September 30, 2014 - 9:39 pm

    Kimberly - What a good daddy to take those boys out every day! It looks like they had so much fun! Future farmers for sure! ReplyCancel


  • September 30, 2014 - 9:39 pm

    Kimberly - What a good daddy to take those boys out every day! It looks like they had so much fun! Future farmers for sure! ReplyCancel


  • October 1, 2014 - 9:46 am

    Mary Ann - I love your photos, you have a beautiful family. Those boys….they just make me smile. What good helpers they will be as they grow up learning from their father and others on how to work hard, take pride in their work, and learn about farming. Your husband is growing more than corn….he is growing his cute boys to become wonderful men someday!!ReplyCancel


  • October 2, 2014 - 7:34 am

    Kerin - They are living the life that every little boy dreams of! So adorable. What program do you use to collage your photos? They look great!ReplyCancel


  • October 6, 2014 - 9:23 am

    Rafaela Paterno - Very happy to know that they are now three little boys, I’ve followed from the beginning with Cora. Here also we have three, but there are three little girls. Happy for you.ReplyCancel


  • October 15, 2014 - 5:11 pm

    Stefanie - I love these sweet pictures! Your boys are getting so big!ReplyCancel


  • October 22, 2014 - 9:20 am

    Amanda - Oh my! Jake looks just like his big sister. I’m sure you know that though :)ReplyCancel




I could hardly take this picture with you because…well…you are SO heavy. You are a chunk. But I love my big, chubby baby so much! I should probably be thanking you for giving my arms such a great workout everyday. The last time you were weighed was at 6 weeks and you were already 13 pounds. I can’t imagine what you weigh now…let’s just say a lot! A few days before you turned two months you started wearing 3-6 month clothes…and you are already filling those out. Sheesh. I can hardly keep up with how fast you are growing.

At two months you are the sweetest little guy. You are so laid back…and easy…and adorable…and fun! You are a cuddle-er and I just love that. I could sit and hold you all day. But since you are the third boy around here that just isn’t happening. Instead we spend most of our days chasing after your two big brothers. You started smiling and cooing at us this month. We all like to try to make you smile. You are probably tired of all the goofy faces we make at you. And even though you smile the biggest for your daddy, it is the sweetest little smile ever.

You take really great naps during the day and usually wake up 1-2 times a night. You are still sleeping in your bassinet and every night I tell you it would be a great day to start sleeping through the night! For some reason you never listen to me. By 7am you are usually wide awake and ready for the day. I am usually not. But even in my sleep deprived state I try to remember what a gift it is to be your mama. Each day, even the sleepy ones, are a gift. I am so thankful I get to spend my days with you and your brothers.

Love, Mama

P.S. A few other things you love…being outside, swinging, car rides, baths, and your paci. You really love your paci now.

jake 1&2

1 month – 2 months

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  • September 25, 2014 - 6:46 am

    Bridge - Such a handsome little guy! Love those snuggles and cuddles!ReplyCancel


  • September 25, 2014 - 9:25 am

    Jessica Hershberger - You really do make the CUTEST babies!! Chub and all…he is just too sweet :)ReplyCancel


  • September 25, 2014 - 10:11 am

    Amanda - Oh he is so yummy sweet!ReplyCancel


  • September 25, 2014 - 12:28 pm

    Toni :0) - Oh is ever adorable!! My son was 12 pounds at six weeks and it’s nice to know other Momma’s can grow ‘me big and healthy too! Now my son is nearly 16 and has a size 13 shoe. Trust me, they don’t slow down. Hah! Glad he’s doing so well though. Will pray for longer sleep for the little guy.ReplyCancel


  • September 26, 2014 - 11:23 am

    Lisa - Sweet, chunky monkey boy! He is the absolute cutest! :-)ReplyCancel


  • September 26, 2014 - 9:44 pm

    andrea - i want to pinch those fat rolls. Adorable!!ReplyCancel


  • September 27, 2014 - 4:31 pm

    Becca - You might need your husband to help with next months picture, Jake is adorable.ReplyCancel


  • September 27, 2014 - 8:43 pm

    Lara - What a little punkin!! He looks just like Joel, IMO.ReplyCancel


  • September 27, 2014 - 8:53 pm

    Paula - Jake is just adorable! My youngest was chunky too at that age. By the time she was a year old she slimmed down.ReplyCancel


  • September 30, 2014 - 8:57 am

    traci - This baby is a CLONE of his daddy!!! Btw…lovin the monthly picturesReplyCancel


  • October 27, 2014 - 10:23 pm

    Donna S. Edwards - After seeing the photos of baby Jake, I understand why you haven’t been blogging…you are busy nursing that baby!!!! I absolutely LUV the photo of Griffin holding up his hands for Daddy to stop. I had forgotten how I learned about Kate until seeing your post about her latest battle. Been praying for her a long time and continue to pray for healing. Your baby is growing so quickly. So if you put him down and get the urge to pick him up again, go for it. You know how quickly they grow up!ReplyCancel



(image source)

My heart has been so heavy since I checked in on sweet Kate’s blog a few days ago and learned that she has relapsed again with brain cancer. Devastating to say the least. I can’t even imagine. She is having brain surgery this morning. Will you join me in praying for Kate and her family today? To read Kate’s story and for updated prayer requests visit www.prayforkate.com

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  • September 10, 2014 - 4:54 am

    Michelle from Australia - Jess, it was you who ‘introduced’ me to Kate many years ago. And I’ve been praying for her and her family ever since. When I read her Mum’s relapse post I just sat down and cried. May God Bless Kate, all who love her and her medical team today. xxReplyCancel


  • September 10, 2014 - 7:06 am

    Diane Taylor - Thank you Jess – I too have followed Kate thru this incredible journey and saw the update on the seizures that Kate was having. My heart dropped and I hoped upon all hopes that this wasn’t a return of her cancer. I know we serve a powerful God – he will be with Kate and her family once again. Praying for healing !ReplyCancel


  • September 10, 2014 - 8:03 am

    Kathy Apple - I read a post of your introducing this family and I just got done reading all of their entries. I was so sad to get to the most recent to see she has again relapsed. I am too praying for this sweet girl and her family. Keeping them in my thoughts today as she goes in for surgery.ReplyCancel


  • September 10, 2014 - 9:41 am

    Cristin - I, too, learned of Kate through your blog many years ago, and I have followed this sweet girl ever since. My heart broke the other day when Holly posted of the relapses. I have been praying so hard over this sweet family, and especially Kate.ReplyCancel


  • September 10, 2014 - 6:37 pm

    Mary Ann - Yes, prayers for Kate and her family for sure.ReplyCancel


  • September 11, 2014 - 8:15 pm

    amanda - oh my heart. this family has our prayers.ReplyCancel


  • September 15, 2014 - 3:34 am

    Sue - I have followed Kate’s blog for as long as I’ve followed yours and she is so in my thoughts, as are her mum and dad…

    Sue xReplyCancel


  • September 23, 2014 - 11:37 am

    EricaG - Prayers for this beautiful family.ReplyCancel