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Well, Jake is quickly approaching five months so it seemed appropriate to post his three and four month photos. Haha. Maybe it just accurately represents my life right now. All the months seem to be running together and life often feels like a blur. I was thinking this third child thing wasn’t so bad…what was everyone talking about?? I was doing pretty good, or so I thought. And then it hit. Or maybe the exhaustion just finally settled in. Most days right now I am feeling so tired and overwhelmed. We love our little Jake so much…so, so much. Three Mac boys…crazy little boys running everywhere…such an incredible blessing and a reminder of God’s faithfulness to us. But I am learning that I have to take this three boys gig one day at a time. I have to slow down, enjoy the noise (a house full of little boy joy, right?) and trust that as I choose to seek God first, He will give me the energy I need for that day. I have to keep my eyes on Him. And isn’t that usually my problem?? I get overwhelmed when my eyes start drifting away from Him, the One who sustains my days.

jake 3-4

So here we go. A few of the highlights from Jake’s third and fourth month:

Jake  I  3 months

3 months  I  You took your first tractor ride this month. Your brothers are usually hogging the tractor time so we had to squeeze you in for a few minutes. Next year they are not going to be happy when you actually do want to steal their tractor time!

3 months  I  You slept through the night one time this month…the day after you turned three months, actually. One time and then never again. You still are usually getting up once or twice a night.

3 months  I  For your first Halloween you dressed up as a super hero. Just like your brothers, of course.

3 months  I  Your brothers still love to hold you and they often fight over WHO gets to hold you. You are such a snugly little baby. We all want to hold you!

Jake  I  4 months

4 months  I  You are weighing in at 18 pounds and are 25.8 inches long. Big boy…just like your brothers.

4 months  I  You are wearing size 4 diapers and 3-6 month and some 6-12 month clothes.

4 months  I  Everyone always laughs about how big and chunky you are. So it seems fitting that your dad and brothers have given you the nickname Baby Tiny. It has stuck and now you are Baby Tiny to everyone.:)

4 months  I  You are still not sleeping through the night. I will give you a little slack because you have been fighting a cold and had your first ear infection. Just promise me you will sleep through the night soon, okay?

4 months  I  You saw your first snow! And just as important…you took your first trip to IKEA.:)

4 months  I  We finally moved you out of your bassinet. It was time since you were touching the ends head to toe. We set up your crib in our room, so we are still roommates. I was hoping it would help with the whole not sleeping thing, but no such luck.

4 months  I  You rolled over from your tummy to back. That is big news for a big, chunky boy! You actually like being on your tummy more than any of your siblings ever did. You sit in the bumbo now too. You love watching your brothers. They are a source of constant entertainment.

4 months  I  You found your hands! You even started grabbing at your toys. Pretty soon you will be putting everything in your mouth.

jake 1-4

1 month  I  2 months  I  3 months  I  4 months

I was so sad when I started looking for photos for this post. I realized I had only taken a few photos over the past two months! Poor third child…and thank goodness for Instagram!

IMG_3147new IMG_3161newb&w IMG_3165new IMG_3168newb&w

Yay for 3 & 4 months…only a few more days and you will be 5 months already!

  • Disco - Sweet Baby Tiny – he is precious!ReplyCancel


  • Mary Ann - Oh Jess….he is so adorable. He is quite a pretty baby and so cute. He will bring you great joy. My little grandson (4 yrs old) was a big chunky baby. I called him “Big Giant Baby.” He’s still big for his age. I bought him a size 5 suit for church and promtply took it back for a size 6. AND…he has a big head? What’s up with that? It’s strange because my son is only about 5″6″ tall (short) and my cute daughter-in-law is 4’11” tall (short). Anyway, he a my joy and I’m sure your 3 boys are the same. I think God every day for my grandson. He is my best boy…my love. I found out he was coming a year after my husband, mother and father passed away so you can only imagine what a lovely gift he is in my life. With my grandson’s height, I try to imagine my 6’4″ (very tall) husband telling Jesus, “Send that cute blonde blue eyed little boy to them…that great big giant baby!!” LOL I love your post. You have beautiful children.ReplyCancel


  • chrissi - such a beautiful boy!ReplyCancel


  • Jake's a Girl - Absolutely darling! And! I’ve finally found my granddaughter a man if Jake likes older women ! haha. She is 5-months and at 19-lbs and 24″ long. They look so much alike. Her eyes are dark blue and she has black hair that is often in a pebbles-do. They are a perfect match. :D And Jake likes to shop Ikea. What more could a girl want?!

    On the serious side…He is just gorgeous. Those chunky cheeks get me every time. Miss LaLa has a set that could use a stronger neck just to hold them up. ;)

    Merry Christmas!


  • amber - Oh girl. You are living in what I began to affectionately call the 3rd baby fog;). It will get better! Love seeing your sweet family & that sweet baby grow! Just soak up the moments, because as you well know, they’ll be gone too soon. Thanks for sharing your precious, wild family. It’s so refreshing & fun to see, since I’m in the thick of much of the same!ReplyCancel


  • traci - I don’t even know you but this baby makes me smile!! One thing for sure, his daddy can not deny him….Jake is definitely a clone of him!!ReplyCancel


  • Andrea Siebert - yes! something about the 3rd child keeps you from grabbing the camera more-i can relate! :) such a cutie. love those rolls!ReplyCancel


  • Toni :0) - Now that is a hunka hunka burning love right there! He’s so gorgeous and perfect. Love his photos, they truly make my day. Thank you for sharing him.ReplyCancel


Some of our favorite Melissa & Doug toys are on sale on Amazon! Today only select Melissa & Doug toys are 50% off. Yay! Such a good deal on really good toys. I wanted to share a few of our favorites in case you are still looking for that perfect gift for your little one. Levi and Griffin would recommend any of the following…


Melissa & Doug Deluxe Alphabet Stamp Set19.99 9.99

We love these alphabet stamps. And I use them for crafting just as much as the boys use them. Such a good deal! 81O8I6sRQmL._SL1500_

Melissa & Doug Fishing And Bug Catching Magnetic Game Bundle (Pack of 2)19.99 9.99

These puzzles are extra fun with the magnetic fishing pole. 515FD+hLWYL

Melissa & Doug Wooden Sandwich-Making Set19.99 9.99

My boys have served me many delicious sandwiches from this set.:) 812+d9uSmyL._SL1500_

Melissa & Doug Car Carrier19.99 9.99

We have been given several different wooden trucks like this. The boys love them. And I love that they don’t break!


Melissa & Doug 60-Piece Standard Unit Blocks69.99 34.99

And these wooden blocks are so great. We have two sets that we keep in a basket in our living room. The boys love building with them. This is the best deal!!!

There are other deals…some things that look fun for the girls too. We just know more about what little boys like around here.:)So make sure you check out the deal of the day page!

*disclaimer: affiliate links used


This is our third year taking family photos with Gina of Gina Dreher Photography. Every year I wonder if we should spend the money on family photos…and then I get the photos back and am so glad that we did. This year was no exception. My new favorites for sure. Gina does such a great job capturing us. I can see the personalities of my boys shining through in each photo. And they love Miss Gina which makes family picture day so much easier on me. I seriously could have posted all sixty-some photos because they are all my favorite, but here are just a few. You can see more on Gina’s blog. Thank you, Gina! These photos are a treasure to me.



I love this one so much.

McClenahan2014-31 McClenahan2014-34 McClenahan2014-35 McClenahan2014-45

McClenahan2014-43 McClenahan2014-49 McClenahan2014-60 McClenahan2014-66 McClenahan2014-76

I look through these photos and am so overwhelmed by this family God has given me…and these three little guys he has entrusted to us. They can be a handful for sure, but what a blessing it is to spend my days as their mama.


And then there is this one. When I glance at it I can picture these two as grown men. I’m going to enjoy every moment with these handsome toddlers because I know that time will be here all too soon.

  • Michelle from Australia - Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing Jess! xxReplyCancel


  • molly - such awesome pictures of your beautiful family! so so so good!ReplyCancel


  • Deborah Raney - I LOVE the milk-and-cookies ones! Such a precious family, and you are SO wise to understand NOW how quickly it will all go. (But just so you know…what’s to come is even better! I dreaded the thought of teenagers, and they were a blast. I dreaded our kids leaving home, and I LOVE the empty nest. I didn’t dread grandkids ;) but they are EVEN BETTER than I dreamed. God is so good…and THEN we get to go to heaven. Wow! :)ReplyCancel


  • Cindy - Beautiful pictures. I also like seeing your family pictures because you can see the love shining in them.ReplyCancel


  • Sarah D. - That 2nd one…It’s perfection. I am dying! Oh, Baby Tiny, you are too much!!ReplyCancel


  • Suzanne Hines - That ‘tummy time’ one kills me! SO CUTE! Love it! You have a beautiful family, Jess! Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel


  • Melanie Martini - Oh my….such sweetness!! I love the pictures of your beautiful, sweet family. Thank you for sharing with us! :-)ReplyCancel


  • Toni :0) - Jess, oh my goodness!!!! Soooo many gorgeous photos and the one of them on their tummies-perfection!! The milk and cookies one is unique, I love it.ReplyCancel


  • andrea - LOVE!!ReplyCancel


  • ranee - Your boys are so handsome…and so cutely coordinated! Such great photos of all of you! Also, thanks for the post about the melissa and doug sale, I used your tips last year to order the block set and they have been a huge favorite at our house. This time I ordered the stamp set and am so excited about them!!ReplyCancel


  • Audra - Gorgeous family!! And your photographer did a great job!ReplyCancel


  • Eliabeth - These pictures are so sweet!ReplyCancel


  • Melissa Joy - Jess, I love these!! Are there any shots with Cora’s doll or a balloon? I was looking for those. :)
    Your boys are so adorable, and I love these pictures super duper much.ReplyCancel


  • leiah - Nice photos, indeed! I once read an article that basically said you’ll never regret the money you spend on family photos.ReplyCancel


  • laura - Haven’t read the blog in awhile and I’m getting all caught up! Jess, these are sooooo cute!!! I love Gina’s work so much! Of course, she had the cutest family to photograph ;) Can’t wait to see which one you picked for the Christmas card! If it’s half as cute as these I will melt the moment I open it. Love you guys!ReplyCancel


  • Alyssa - Jes, I love these! Precious!ReplyCancel


  • creole wisdom - Oh I love these! You guys look positively wonderful :) And yes, photos are always worth it!ReplyCancel


  • Stefanie - Gorgeous pictures of your beautiful family! Such cute boys!ReplyCancel



Sara from Sarah + Abraham sent me these adorable woodland animal plates as a gift for my boys. I loved them and decided to order a few more for the cousins so that we could use them on our Thanksgiving kids table.


Aren’t they adorable? Griffin and Levi chose the fox. And they thought Jake would like the hedgehog.:)


I used white paper with wood grain wrapping paper (from the Target dollar bin) down the center. I added milk glasses with orange paper straws, wooden utensils and pine cones too.


Why are kid tables always so much more fun than grown-up tables?


Of course the plates were my favorite. IMG_3389newb&w

I forgot to take a picture of the kids actually sitting at the kids table. Oops. So here they are the next night right before we opened presents (we celebrated Christmas early with my family this year). They weren’t excited or anything.

Sarah + Abraham is having a big sale this weekend. Use code SALE2014 to get 20% off your entire purchase through Cyber Monday (12/1). I love giving these plates as gifts. And there are so many more gift ideas in her shop…so go check it out!

  • leiah - The table looked adorable! NEXT year I’ll have to buy a plate for my upcoming niece/nephew. Super cute.ReplyCancel


  • Mary Ann - So cute….love the decorations. I love the photo of the kids in their pj’s and the smiles…..melts hearts!!ReplyCancel


  • Mary Ann - So cute….I love the decorations. The photo of the kids in their pj’s is adorable….melts hearts!!ReplyCancel


  • Mary Ann - Oops!! I thought my first comment didn’t work so I did it again. You can delete one of them, if you’d like.ReplyCancel


  • creole wisdom - Jess, you are so talented with making things beautiful! I love this setting… and you are right, kids tables are fun! :)ReplyCancel



Today is the first Sunday of Advent. Do you have a plan? A plan to make room for Jesus and anticipate Him as Christmas approaches? I am so excited about the She Reads Truth Advent reading plan. Have you heard about it? Day 1 was posted today. So good. You can read along for free at She Reads Truth or you can download the free She Reads Truth App and purchase the Advent study pack for $1.99…then it’s right there on your phone to read every day. Anyone want to join me? What are you doing to prepare your heart this Advent season? Come let us adore HIM.

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”
Matthew 11:28