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Monday I posted my favorite Early Black Friday Specials going on at DaySpring right now. I heard today that the Wooden Caddy, Redeemed Makeup Bag, Jesus is the Gift Tray, and Dough Bowl are out of stock. Bummer, I know.

The good news is that eight more Early Black Friday Specials were added today. Let me show you my two favorites.


Mercy House Kenya T-Shirt 28.00 9.99

I love this shirt. It is super soft and I am pretty sure I am going to be wearing mine all the time. And all wrapped up, this would make a great gift!



Daily Grace Creamer 15.00 5.99

You might remember that I gave the Daily Grace creamer and sugar bowl as gifts last year. They turned out so cute! I am excited that the little creamer is on sale this week. This would be a perfect gift by itself or paired with a coffee gift card tucked inside.

The other good news is that there is a Black Friday coupon you can use. 30% off the entire DaySpring store!

Use coupon 30FRIDAY14 to get 30% off everything at (excludes Early Black Friday Specials). The code does include clearance and is good through 12/1. There are some awesome clearance items that make for some great deals paired with the 30% off coupon. Here are my favorites:

dayspring clearance

Redeemed Blessed Vintage Glass Vase 4.99 3.49

Redeemed Wallet 9.99 6.99

Fullness of Joy Mug 4.99 3.49

Everyday Joy Mug 4.99 3.49

(And if you need a lot of gifts you can buy a case of 18 of these for 44.10…such a good deal!!!)

Redeemed Makeup Bag 9.99 6.99

Redeemed Beautiful in It’s Time Vintage Glass Vase 8.50 5.95

(prices reflect 30% discount)

Happy shopping!

*dayspring affiliate links used


UPDATE :: The Makeup Bag and Dough Bowl are selling quickly and DaySpring will probably run out of them today. The makeup bag is a great size and such a steal. It would be fun to fill up with some makeup and give as a gift. And the dough bowl is beautiful and would make a perfect centerpiece. Shop these Early Black Friday Deals quick before they are gone!

I’m back to share some more great deals from DaySpring. Have you seen the early Black Friday Specials they have going on right now? So many great deals! Here are a few of my favorites:

dayspring early black friday specials

Everything Beautiful – Makeup Bag 26.99 5.99

Daily Grace – Small Vase 25 9.99

Blessings of God – Dough Bowl 64.99 24.99

Inspirational Message Blocks 49.99 19.99

Give Thanks – Wooden Caddy 22.99 9.99

There are even more Early Black Friday specials so make sure you go check them all out. Also, I have two more favorite Early Black Friday specials that will be revealed later this week that I will share with you on Friday. Make sure you check back. This is one of DaySpring’s biggest sales of the year. There will be special discount codes on Black Friday and Cyber Monday too. You can just sit at home in your jammies, eat your Thanksgiving leftovers, and get all your Christmas shopping done. 😉
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Well, I wasn’t planning on writing a post about Christmas music today but this was too good not to share. I got to hear Lauren Chandler speak at Hope Spoken last March. I still refer back to my notes from her session on Psalm 107…it was so challenging! Anyway, I follow her on Instagram now and a few days ago she posted that she was listening to a Christmas album by Folk Angel. I am always looking for new Christmas music, aren’t’ you? Well this morning I remembered about the album and clicked over to listen and check them out. And guess what? Folk Angel has a link on their Instagram feed (@folkangelmusic) to buy this album for $1 TODAY ONLY. It’s good. And it’s worth your dollar for sure. Go buy it now.


And I just heard (although I’m sure this is old news) that Rend Collective is releasing a Christmas album tomorrow. So excited about this one and love the album cover too. It’s getting all Christmas-y over here at the Macs. At least it’s sounding Christmas-y…the Christmas decorations are still in the basement.:)

What do you love to listen to around Christmas? Please share!

  • Megan - Hey! I just went and bought the album and realized after I checked out that I was charged $10. Did you find the same thing?ReplyCancel


    Jess Reply:

    Oh no!! I am just seeing this, Megan. So sorry about getting charged $10…it looks like they raised the price shortly after I posted this. It had been $1 earlier that day so I assumed it would be all day. So sorry that happened!


    • Jess - Oh no!! I am just seeing this, Megan. So sorry about getting charged $10…it looks like they raised the price shortly after I posted this. It had been $1 earlier that day so I assumed it would be all day. So sorry that happened!ReplyCancel


  • Eliabeth - I bought the Rend Collective one yesterday on google play!! Love it!ReplyCancel


    Jess Reply:

    Yes! So good.



Happy Saturday! Just wanted to let you know about a few more great deals going on at DaySpring this weekend:

40% off one item!

Today, November 15th, marks 40 days until Christmas! How is it almost Christmas already?! Receive 40% off any single item with the coupon: 40DAYS. Valid through November 16th.

40% off any single item with the coupon: 40DAYS

Christmas for Kids Promo

Starting Thursday November 13th, this VeggieTales Color Wonder Pad & Markers Set will be FREE with a $25 purchase from DaySpring’s Gifts for Kids Section! This sale is valid through November 19th. The discount will automatically be applied.

Receive FREE item with $25 Gifts for Kids Purchase!

Shop Christian gifts, cards, decor, and more!

disclaimer: DaySpring affiliate links used

  • Paula - Thanks for the discount! I bought the Willow Tree Nativity Set!! I saved BIG!!!!
    P.S. Your kids are darling! All 4 of them!ReplyCancel


    Jess Reply:

    Thank you! And how fun to get the nativity set. Yay for big savingings!!


    • Jess - Thank you! And how fun to get the nativity set. Yay for big savingings!!ReplyCancel



jake back 2

:: birth announcement designed by the lovely Katy of Katygirl Designs ::

Boy names. I used to think boy names were so hard to come up with…girl names were the easy ones. I had lists and lists of girl names. But this time we actually decided on a boy name much faster than on a girl name. That must mean that I am officially a boy mom. I always have boy things on the brain. Blue, wrestling, dirt, dump trucks, frogs, airplanes, superheroes, more dirt, more wrestling…you get the idea. 😉

Everyone asks if Jake is “Jacob” or just “Jake”. We wanted Jake to always be Jake…so we named him Jake. When he’s not Jake he is Jakey or Jakers or whatever else his brothers can think of…and they are pretty creative.

My great grandparents, my dad’s grandparents, were Loren and Cora Fisher. They were very dear to my dad. I never knew Grandpa Loren but I loved my Grandma Cora so much…everyone did. My middle name is Cora and we named our Cora after her. So Fisher comes from my great grandparents and my sweet Grandma Vi (her maiden name). I love that Jake has a little piece of his sister in his name too.

Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commandments. Deuteronomy 7:9

We chose Deuteronomy 7:9 for Jake’s verse. It came from reflecting on God’s faithfulness that we see written all throughout the Bible. His faithfulness that started with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and continues today. We can look back at our own family story and see God’s faithfulness written all over it. It is not a story that we would have planned for ourselves but we can be confident, because of God’s faithfulness and steadfast love, that it is a good plan. We long for Jake to know God, love Him with all of his heart, and continue to proclaim God’s faithfulness to the next generation.

And that is how we chose the name Jake Fisher.

  • Christi {Jealous Hands} - This is a beautiful story of choosing a name for your boy. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel


  • Mary Ann - I love his name!! JAKE is a bold proud name that represents your ancestry and has a little piece of your Cora. He’s a beautiful boy as are all of your children. I love the photos of the 3 of them….those cheesy grins. I hope this holiday season of giving thanks for all our blessings and honoring the Lord of Hosts, our Savior, will be wonderful and memorable for you and yours. Our lives sometimes don’t turn out like we plan and its so easy to get discouraged, but we know that we must be strong and steadfast in the the Lord, which is what you are. You are amazing!!ReplyCancel


  • creole wisdom - Oh! What a wonderful, beautiful story behind a great name. My stepdad’s name is Loren :)ReplyCancel


  • Ashley - Love all of your boys names! I have a “Jake.” We also get asked all of the time if his name is Jacob! We call him Jakey also! His sister only call him Jakey!ReplyCancel


  • Mackenzie - I love the name choice. I totally agree that girl names seem to be easier to come up with. My husband and I just had our first and had several more girl names picked out than boy names. We didn’t know the gender until birth and we were blessed with a little girl. Cora was my great grandma’s name and that was 2nd on our list! I love stories behind names and I love that you pick a verse for your kids. :)ReplyCancel


  • Lea - I love names with meaning and what a sweet meaning little Jake Fisher’s name has. A lovely, lovely announcement!ReplyCancel


  • Leah & Tim McClelland - I have a jake , he is just jake too and I love it!! His middle name is hayden which is my maiden name , my daughter has Paige as her second name like your Cora !!ReplyCancel


  • Amie - ❤️ Absolutely love everything about this post!ReplyCancel


  • Melinda - Such a beautiful story of his name, thank you for sharing! I have a Luke (and a Cody, and a Levi…fellow mom of 3 boys here!), and I’m often asked if he’s Lucas. Nope, Luke! Though he’s often called Lukey :) I think Jake is a wonderful name, very strong.ReplyCancel


  • Suzanne Hines - Congrats, Jess, on the birth of Jake! I don’t think I stopped by to say that yet! I love following your adventures in life here on this space. Thank you for always being real and honest. It’s so refreshing!ReplyCancel


  • Patty Smith - Oh my gosh- the upper picture? He is going to be a blue-eyed baby! I see you Jess, though his eyes, shapes, color, eyebrows. I also see Cora!

    Prayers for you, your family and your new Jake!ReplyCancel