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night out

Rain makes for a happy farmer’s wife (it still feels weird to call myself that). Not only is the corn growing, but Saturday we got to enjoy an afternoon at home together and an evening in Wichita.

It was a great day!
  • The Balzer's - Rain makes for a happy framer’s wife too….we pray for it often…well, I should say I do…he doesn’t…guess one of us should be concerned about making some money! I’ll let him stick to that and I’ll just stick to prayin for rain so we have him home!ReplyCancel

  • The Balzer's - this is random…but I realized that farmer and framer are the same except for 2 letters switched around…so we can both be happy farmer/framer wives!ReplyCancel

  • gap in the overlap - JESS!! I’ve been meaning to get ahold of you for a looong time – I got your address several months ago from Olivia on Facebook and have been meaning to write ever since! But then I saw your blog from Julie’s! Cora is so beautiful – Congratulations!!! How are you guys? Loving parenthood I’m sure! Craig and I have a baby boy – Caleb – who’s 18 months now…crazy…Cora and Caleb will have to meet someday 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more from ya! *Leah (Stutzman)* 🙂ReplyCancel