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Ear infection number three.  My baby is sick AGAIN.  She is so sad.  We had a rough weekend.  Especially the nights.  She would wake up screaming and just want you to stand and hold her (not sit and hold her).  Today has been much better.  I am praying that this is the last ear infection so that happy Cora can come back!

On top of the ear infections, Cora is also getting her two top teeth.  Poor baby.  Soon she will have some new pearly whites to add to this toothy grin.

We have been giving Cora LONG baths in the evenings.  They always make her happy.  I know she is too big for the sink, but our bathtub is “sick” too.  You can only turn the cold water on.  Fixing that is on the to-do list.  Cora doesn’t seem to mind.  She loves when daddy gives her baths and sprays her with the sprayer.  One night I was giving her a bath and she kept reaching for the sprayer and saying da-da.  It was so cute.  It was like she was saying come-on mom, dad’s baths are way more fun!
I love this picture.  I can just hear her:  Go away mom.  Can’t you see I am busy taking a bath.
And this is a picture of the laundry I let pile up over Christmas.  When I went to do my first load I found out that our washing machine is “sick” too.  Actually, it is probably a goner.  We think the motor is dead.  So sad.  The funny thing is that our washing machine is only four years old and our dryer (which was given to us) is ancient and still plugging away.  I hauled all of this laundry over to my mom’s house.  She was kind enough to help me get it all done.  Thanks mom!
Hopefully this is the end of the “sickness” at our house!