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a day at the lake

Joel and I have led a small group for three years now.
We LOVE our group.
They are like family to us.
They have walked with us through some really tough stuff this year.
Every single one of them showed up at the hospital the night we checked Cora in to encourage and pray with us.
Someone from our group was at the hospital every day.
They are great!

Every summer we try to take a small group trip.  
This year we headed to Table Rock Lake.

We were all ready for some fun in the sun.
But this particular Saturday there was no sun.
Just clouds.
The girls were too chicken to get in the cold water.
So, we spent the morning on the boats
bundled up in our towels watching the boys brave the lake.

After eating lunch, relaxing, and even a few naps the sun started peeking through.
Finally, it was warm enough to get in the water.
The afternoon was beautiful.
Just perfect.

By the end of the day we were worn out and a little sunburned.  
It was time to head back to the cabin to get ready for dinner.

We spent the evening at Branson Landing.
Hanging out.
And a little shopping for some.

We ate at a really yummy Mexican restaurant.  
It is a small group tradition now.
They have the BEST guacamole.

Here is our whole group minus one couple–we were so sad they couldn’t make it this year.

It was great to get away.
We are so thankful for this dear group of friends.