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a fun surprise

Like many of you I love getting decorating tips from John and Sherry over at This Young House. They have so many great ideas.
They have lots of fun giveaways too.
I usually don’t enter. I mean really, what are the chances that I would actually win??
But, when I saw these fun wallflowers a few weeks ago, I just had to try.

Wallflower Set - Contemporary furniture accent, gift or décor

When they posted the winners a few days later I couldn’t believe it.

Jess M…that’s me!!

I actually e-mailed them to make sure I REALLY was the winner. There are a lot of other Jess’ in the world right??
A few days later these pretty white wallflowers arrived on my doorstop. How fun!

I so wished Cora was here.  I wanted to rush up to her room and hang them right away.  They would have been perfect.  It’s funny how even winning something can make me miss Cora.

I think I am going to wait to hang them.  If we have another little girl I think I will put them in the nursery.  Joel didn’t think they were manly enough for a little boy.  So, if we have a boy I will have to find another home for these pretty little flowers.  

I’ll let you know where they end up.

Thank you This Young House and LaDifference for picking me!!