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progress today

This is what was happening at the Cora’s Playground site today:

The shade structure is all framed out. It just needs the canvas put on now. The trailer with the playground equipment is at the church. Installation of the equipment will start Tuesday or Wednesday. I can’t wait to see the equipment. That is going to be my favorite part!

  • The Drama Mama - How very cool! It will be so amazing to see this playground come to life! Praying for you! HUGS!ReplyCancel

  • Courtney and the Boys - Oh how wonderful and exciting!!! Can’t wait to see more pictures. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • jen christians - Wow, that is EXCITING! I love the idea of the shade structure! (it gets so hot here in Kansas) We are still praying for you guys, daily.ReplyCancel

  • All Doll(ed) Up - Jess- It’s coming together!!! YEAH! What a neat place to remember Cora- CAn’t wait to see the finished project- God is so good!!!ReplyCancel

  • Those Crazy Clarks!!! - How exciting! I can’t wait to see the finished project!ReplyCancel

  • TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo - How exciting, and my goodness do those guys work fast! Keep us posted. I can’t wait to see how it’s coming along.
    Good night to all of you.
    Love and prayers,

  • Sherryl - Neat!!!ReplyCancel

  • Heather - whoo hoo!ReplyCancel

  • Shannon - How absolutely wonderful! And what a fitting tribute to your beautiful, playful little angel. Many, many children are going to experience so much joy thanks to your Cora.

    HUGS, and still praying for you, your hubby, and Baby #2!ReplyCancel

  • The Gunters - It looks like it’s going to be a great playground! I can’t wait to see the finished product. Keep the pictures coming!!!

    You and your husband are in my prayers everyday. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Trasie Bressler - Bless your heart! I’m sure little Cora is so excited too and I’m so glad her playground is becoming a reality!

    Many Many Blessings,

  • Erica - this is very exciting! i cannot wait to see the playground equipment as well. so many kids will be so blessed and have so much fun in this new playground!ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca - WOW!!! It is so exciting to see the progress. Thanks for keeping us posted.
    Always praying for peace and joy to be in your hearts.
    Love and hugs from Michigan!ReplyCancel

  • PamperingBeki - You rock, Jess.ReplyCancel

  • Andrea - Wow! Something is happening. How special and so sweet. You will bring your second child here to play on Cora’s playground. Amazing mama!ReplyCancel

  • Josie - I’ve just stumbled upon your family, and the journey you continue to be on. My heart breaks when I see your beautiful angel. As a peds Rn myself, I question everyday why things happen to innocent children, and as my 4 year old son recently told me, God wants them in heaven with Him. God bless your family and your new baby to be. God bless you for being able to turn this into something positive and something to remember your little Cora by. Good luck with everythingReplyCancel

  • Christina - That is so exciting! What a wonderful gift.ReplyCancel

  • Allen and Debby Graber - I got to be there and take pictures too. How exciting! Kris told us at the Children’s Ministry council about the dedication and I lost it. This is so very special what you are doing to honor precious Cora! I will be praying for you in particular for that time. Love you!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - What a great tribute to your sweet Cora. Can’t wait to see the finished Cora’s Playground! Be proud Mom and Dad.
    How is Mom feeling these days? Thank you for taking the time to include and update us!


  • Toni :O) - Yay…this is so wonderful…can’t wait to see the finished project either…truly a blessed gift that so many will benefit from! Thanks for keeping us all updated.ReplyCancel

  • *Kristyn*Maia*Mekai* - How beautiful that a playground that is being built as a tribute to your sweet Cora, will soon be a place for you to take her sibling.

    Stay strong, day by day !ReplyCancel

  • A - What a beautiful tribute to your sweet daughter!! Praying for your family!ReplyCancel

  • shepherdsgrace - Whoot! Whoot!ReplyCancel

  • mommaof4wife2r - how precious is that? love it. and well, praying for you guys still.ReplyCancel

  • Whatever Dee-Dee wants - I can’t wait to see it all finished!ReplyCancel

  • Mandi @ It's come to this - Thanks for keeping us up to date … it’s exciting to see it come along!!ReplyCancel

  • laura - so wonderful to see your dreams for cora’s playground becoming a reality!

    continuing to think happy thoughts for your family in north carolina!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - How wonderful! Keep us updated with the progress reports. Smiles and prayers to you!ReplyCancel

  • Juie - Very exciting!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Sue - It’s so exciting to be able to watch this all happening from behind my PC so far away. Can’t wait to see the finished product, the kids are going to love it!!ReplyCancel

  • Kelly - Love seeing the pictures, can’t wait to see all the equipment set up!ReplyCancel