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ice exploring

We left early the next morning.

It was a beautiful drive–or so I was told.

I was really struggling to stay awake in the car. I was so tired.  Joel kept asking me how I could sleep when we were traveling on Canada’s most scenic highway. Somehow I managed to. Truthfully, I was a pretty lousy driving partner. Sorry Joel!
But, by the time we got there I was rested and ready to do some exploring. 
Ice exploring.

Our destination was the Columbia Icefield. We wanted to see a glacier up close. Thanks to this huge ice explorer (bus) we did just that.
This was the scariest part of the tour. 
You might not be able to tell from the picture but we were driving straight down. It felt like we were falling off a cliff–very slowly.
See all the people holding on to the backs of their seat? I wasn’t so sure about my safety. Joel thought it was great.
And then we drove right on the glacial ice and up to the glacier.
It was pretty amazing.
And beautiful.

There were blue cones marking off the area that we weren’t supposed to go past. 
The tour guide said it was dangerous. There were holes that you could fall into (they had a special name, but I can’t remember). 
Apparently these people didn’t hear the warning–or didn’t care. And I am not sure what the crazy Hawaiian man was doing. He was even wearing a lei.
The run-off from the glacier was freezing and the water was SO blue.
Lots of people were collecting the glacial water in their water bottles.  Joel decided to test it out. I wouldn’t taste it–I wasn’t so sure. I told Joel he was going to get sick. 
When we got back on our bus and the tour guide informed us that drinking glacial water is supposed to be very good for you and keep you healthy. Once again I was too cautious and Joel was right. We’ll see how that keeping you healthy part works out for him.
And after all that exploring I was exhausted. Good thing we had a long drive ahead so that I could take a nap. I had to rest up so that I had enough energy to eat my Cows ice cream that night!
  • Cristy - That looks like a blast! So glad you guys had a good time!ReplyCancel

  • Princess Martha - Looks like scary fun!ReplyCancel

  • Tonya - Your photos are amazing. Looks like an awesome time!ReplyCancel

  • Darby - Jess, You seriously are making me want to get up and leave Alabama right now at 6:39 on a Saturday morning and go to CANADA!! It looks beautiful! And I giggled about you sleeping… sounds like every pregnant woman I know!!! Can’t wait to hear more!ReplyCancel

  • Marla Taviano - How exciting, Jess!! We went to a zoo last year that had a polar bear exhibit with one of those ice vehicles. You could go inside and pretend you were driving–and see real polar bears outside your window. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jenn - You are brave. That looks pretty scary to me. Beautiful though, great pictures! What an amazing vacation.ReplyCancel

  • Mum2twopreciousgifts - So lovely to read about your Canadian holiday. I have visited twice – 1993 and 1996 and we hope to visit again sometime. But it is a veeeeeeeeeeeeery long plane ride from Australia to Hawaii and then onto Vancouver – particularly with Miss 6 (who has an attention span of minutes on a good day) and Master 2 (no attention span whatsoever) in tow.

    Prayers coming your way for peace, happiness and a healthy Baby Mac.

    Good night from Down Under.

    M xReplyCancel

  • A - Wow, it looks like you are having such a great vacation!!!ReplyCancel

  • Shannon - Absolutely gorgeous! I, too, now want to go to Canada on vacation!ReplyCancel

  • Heather - Wow! Beautiful pictures! Looks like I should add Canada to my list of vacay places! Oh yeah we don’t go on vacation!! lol! Hope you are enjoying your time together 😀
    Hugs and prayers,
    Heather~On the HomefrontReplyCancel

  • Trasie Bressler - OH that place is beautiful! Glad you got some good rest in!!!ReplyCancel

  • PamperingBeki - Holy cow, that would’ve freaked me out too! That straight downhill thing? Yeah, no thanks.

    You know as soon as Joel gets a cold or sniffle, you have ammo now. You can just tell him he needed more of that glacier water.

    Not even Canadian scenery can come between a pregnant woman and her sleep.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Beautiful Makes you want to head out for a road trip :)Thanks for sharing your vacation pics with us and for continuing to take us on your journey…
    Glad to see baby Mac and Mom are looking good :)Are you going to find out the sex of the baby?


  • Polka Dot Moon - Hills and ice are a scary combination!!

    But what am amazing and beautiful place, so worth the drive! You’re a trooper being pregnant and exploring a glacier 🙂

  • Lexie Loo & Dylan Too - Beautiful pics…it looks like you had a fun trip!ReplyCancel

  • Sara - Ok, I’m with you on that one, I would be scared. Something about ice and water. That is SO cool though! What an experience!ReplyCancel

  • Erica - that is beautiful! looks like so much fun!!!ReplyCancel

  • Fab Fabrics - oh wow! What an adventure!ReplyCancel

  • Country Roads - Looks like a beautiful place to visit!! So glad you two had a good get-away!!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - Love the pictures. I’m sure it was even better in person. You and your hubby are so cute together!ReplyCancel

  • Falling Around - Oh my goodness, how fun! I’m with you though, I probably wouldn’t have drank the water either.ReplyCancel

  • Whimsical Creations - WOW, looks like an amazing time!ReplyCancel

  • Kim - I have followed your blog since you loss of Cora and am so happy for you and the new baby on the way.
    We went to Banff back in 1994 for our honeymoon and stayed at the Banff springs hotel(the big one that looks like a castle). It was lovely. We went to Lake Louise and hiked to a teahouse on top of a hill there. We also did the glacier trip as well and it all looks the same! Enjoyed your pictures of downtown Banff too. I couldn’t get over how the elk just walked all over town. Thanks for the walk down memory lane for me!ReplyCancel

  • Kimberly - Amazing pics and I bet amazing memories you won’t forget!ReplyCancel

  • Jane In The Jungle - Oh My Gosh!! I would have freaked going straight down!! But what a “cool” adventure!ReplyCancel

  • ryanandlindsay - Dang! That is some beautiful scenery! Perhaps Ryan and I should schedule a trip. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Brewster Vacations Canada - Incredible photos – brilliant colours! Glad you enjoyed your visit!ReplyCancel

  • Jenifer - looks like fun and lol to Joel for drinking the water let us know how that goes lolReplyCancel

  • susana - It looks beautiful!!!!What an amazing vacation….That is so cool though! its a experience!!!!!
    Your photos are amazing….thanks
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  • Renee - Beautiful though, great pictures!!!!
    Hope you are enjoying your time together …Prayers coming your way for peace, happiness and a healthy..
    thanks for sharing…
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