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cora’s for calla

Meet Calla Jayne.

Last month I asked you to pray for my friend Julie and her family. Their little girl Calla was born at 26 weeks and has been “growing” in the NICU ever since she was born in December. She is so little, but so perfect. Ian and Julie are loving the socks off of this sweet girl. Calla also has a big brother, Ori. Ian and Julie’s time is spent split between being home with Ori and spending time at the hospital every day with Calla. Not to mention all of their other normal responsibilities…like work.

I have been praying and praying for Calla. Praying that she would grow strong and healthy. Praying that she would be able to breathe on her own. And praying that she would be able to go home soon to her family. But I wanted to do more.

  • Sarah - we will be praying…ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - You continue to amaze me..I have and will continue to pray for Calla…and will eagerly be waiting to enter 🙂


  • Jen - what a great idea.
    I clicked right over to meet Calla the last time you introduced her to us and what a testimony her family is.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.ReplyCancel

  • The Moffats - LOVE IT 🙂 And love YOU for putting it together.ReplyCancel

  • Lara - You truly inspire me. I have read your blog and found Julie’s through yours and have been following the progress of little Calla. I am so glad you are doing this! You will be blessed..ReplyCancel

  • Heather at All A Flutter - This is a wonderful idea!ReplyCancel

  • Beki - TheRustedChain - We’ve been praying for Calla.ReplyCancel

  • The Sieberts - awesome idea Jess! you have such a good heart. We are praying for Calla as well…ReplyCancel

  • Sara - My little sister recently had a baby boy, who was born at 27 weeks, and lived inside her without any fluid (a hole was torn in her placenta, due to a bloodclot that kept returning). When he was born the doctors told us there was no way he would survive. They told her to prepare herself. They told her if he did survive, he would be so damaged, there would be no quality of life. After a long struggle, of being told this every time something would happen, he lived. And, he just celebrated his first birthday. While, he has some physical problems (nothing that can’t be fixed) he is an absolute happy, joyful baby, and I have no doubts that he will be fine. I know what a rollercoaster that is. I watched my sister and her husband go through that, and it is heartwrenching. But, he survived. Even though the dr’s kept saying he wouldn’t. He did. And, quality of life, he’s got a great one. I have never seen such a happy little boy. I will pray for him, and his parents and family too. Such a sweet thing to do.ReplyCancel

  • Kristi REDISKE - I have already been praying-what a great idea-God Bless You all!ReplyCancel

  • Mindy M. Harris - Cool, I can’t wait to enter. You are such a great friend and your obedience to the Lord’s whisperings is clear.ReplyCancel

  • Karina - What a wonderful way to use Cora’s. I will look for that button tomorrow!ReplyCancel

  • The Schilling's from Cimarron - Your Awesome for doing this! Once again you are soooo giving and thoughtful! miss you lots and have been thinking about our time a year ago together!
    Give little Mr. Levi and big kiss on those chunkkkyyy cheeks for us! Hope to see you soon!

    love always!


  • Tricia - What a sweet gesture for your dear friends. I will be looking forward to helping.

    With love and prayers,

  • Amy - Such a great idea, Jess. Julie is blessed to have a friend like you. I can’t wait to see what you’re offering. I think Miss Gretchen needs a Cora dress. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Zwirlein - This is an absolutely wonderful thing you are doing for sweet Calla and her family. I look forward to donating tomorrow. Thank you for continuing to be an encouragement and an inspiration to others! You ROCK!ReplyCancel

  • Mrs. Dunbar - Will be praying and looking forward to helping Calla’s family.ReplyCancel

  • Christina - You are a sweet friend. I have been and will be praying for them!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda - This comment has been removed by the author.ReplyCancel

  • kaylin rose and mara anne - love it and i am praying…thank you for putting this together.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous -

    very interesting post about screening in neuroblastoma and how it doesn’t work. When God has a plan, he has a plan.ReplyCancel

  • McArthur - Thank you for sharing – we will be praying.ReplyCancel

  • Heidi - Very sweet Jess! It’s amazing to me, that you are always able to turn your sorrow into giving! It is such a great example of a Christian woman! I have been praying for Calla. I do have an etsy shop, but currently am fighting breast cancer and not feeling too great. My shop is just kind of sitting there. Levi is beautiful! I had a premie born at 30 weeks and now he is 14 turning 15 Feb 26th, is super handsome, gets straight a’s, and was voted most likely to be an olympic athlete in his 8th grade class! So God can heal these pre mature babies! They are so incredibly strong! I will keep praying for all of you! Heidi Outre Beauty BistroReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - You and your family are a true inspiration. Praying for your family and praying for Calla!