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auction #27 {loafers}

Auction #27

R-O-B-O-T Canvas Baby Loafer
R-O-B-O-T Canvas Baby Loafer

Size 2 (3-6 months)

Gracious May has boy shoes too! I was so excited when I opened the box to see these cute loafers for little boys. She even sent a pair for Levi. I can’t wait for him to wear them!

Auction Rules:
If you want to bid on these loafers…leave a comment.
You can outbid each other by leaving your amount in your comment.
You have to bid at least a dollar higher than the comment before yours.
The bidding will close Saturday, March 6 at midnight (central standard time).
Don’t miss out on the giveaways! Comments will close for the giveaways at midnight tonight.