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You know how everyone has an opinion on who your baby looks like?
It has been fun to hear who Levi’s look-alikes are.
My brother Matt has definitely been the winner though.
So many people have told us Levi looks like Matt.
What do you think?
But then yesterday when I was looking at this picture of Levi,
it reminded me so much of a picture of Cora.

Gina took this picture of Cora when she was two months.
She took all the two month pictures that are on my blog header too.
They are some of my favorites.

For a long time I didn’t think Levi looked much like Cora.
Except his nose.
They have the exact same nose.
But lately they are starting to look more and more alike to me.
Levi is working on getting his chubby cheeks just like his sister too!

Levi is two months old today.
I thought the giveaway and auctions should be more boyish again.
In honor of Levi’s two month birthday.

For today’s giveaway you will win…

One set of dishwasher safe labels and free shipping.

Caroline even stuck in some labels for Levi. Thanks so much!!

What a great idea these stickers are!
We will never loose a bottle or sippy cup again!
The only problem is that we don’t have a dishwasher.
Joel, now that we have these cool stickers, can we get a dishwasher??
Pretty please.

Giveaway participation is free. Anyone can enter by leaving a comment on this post. As you leave your comment please remember to pray forΒ CallaΒ and her family! Comments will close Tuesday at midnight (central standard time). The winner will be randomly selected.
Check back later today for the auctions.
Today’s auctions are just for the boys.
  • Marla Taviano - I LOVE the matching pictures of Cora and Levi! So beautiful!! What a treasure!!

    I don’t have a dishwasher either. Boo!!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Abby - Levi is precious! Those labels are a great idea, especially for leaving cups/snacks in the nursery at church!ReplyCancel

  • Kelly - I love it! He is so adorable! The pictures are so touching. I know what you mean about the dishwasher. I don’t have one either!ReplyCancel

  • linzypooh49 - They are both adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Melanie - Those pictures of Cora and Levi reminded me so much of one another. I completely see Cora in her beautiful brother.
    Continuing to pray for Calla (and your dishwasher!). A friend of mine has those labels and I have always meant to order some and never did.ReplyCancel

  • Maggie Miller - Love the pictures of Cora and Levi. They are both precious babies! The labels are darling, but I don’t expect anything less than that coming from this blog! Hope you have a nice day!ReplyCancel

  • michelle - those pictures are precious and they do look alike!! the giveaway is such a good idea! thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Amy - Love the labels and love the pictures!ReplyCancel

  • Tara - Oh those pictures look so much alike…how sweet. I can definitely see his Uncle Matt in him too!

    And I definitely think that Joel owes you a dishwasher now that you have some dishwasher safe labels…it would only be right!

    Tara G.ReplyCancel

  • Maria - He is so stinkin’ cute.
    I think that those labels would look great with “Joey” on them. That’s my son’s name:)ReplyCancel

  • the breedens - Oh my goodness, Levi and Cora totally look alike in more ways than one!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - Such precious pictures!!!

    So excited that Calla is home!!! Praying for no RSV.ReplyCancel

  • Molly - When I saw the picture of Matt with Levi in my Blogger “reading list”, I thought that you had gotten Michael C Hall to take a photo with Levi.

    Levi and Cora look so much alike in those photos. Wow. I love it.ReplyCancel

  • JenReece - Very cute! We’ve lost several bottles at daycare! Levi is adorable just like his big sister. I second your motion for a dishwasher. Make sure Joel reads these comments!! I have a really cute canvas I made for my little man. I will send you a picture as soon as my new camera comes in. Boy stuff can be hard to find, so I love sharing ideas I come across!!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I thought the same thing about Cora and Levi when I saw your previous post. You have such gorgeous babies. I will pray for you as Cora’s birthday approaches.

    on a completely different note, YES Joel, Jess does need a dishwasher!
    Jen Christians

  • Blaze - Those labels are super cute! I’ve been looking for some so I’ll just hop right over to her website…if I don’t win! Levi is adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Jodie - Both of your babies are SO precious!ReplyCancel

  • BEK - This comment has been removed by the author.ReplyCancel

  • BEK - Love the photos! No baby in this Skillen house yet- so if my name is randomly picked please pick again πŸ™‚ Love the idea though! Will have to look into these when we do have a baby Skillen!ReplyCancel

  • Kristin - Precious photos and adorable labels!ReplyCancel

  • dg darling - Too cute! And how do you live without a dishwasher….ok, maybe I’m lazy…ReplyCancel

  • The Hatz Family - You’re right – they do have the same nose (so sweet!) It is amazing how much kids/babies grow and change. My son is almost a year old and sometimes I look at older pictures of him and think, “who is this kid?” πŸ™‚ Praying for you and Calla’s family…ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - Wow! I very much see a resemblance! The labels are a great idea….ReplyCancel

  • Krystal - I’ve thought that Levi looks more like you until your post yesterday and I decided he was looking more like your hubby. But yes, he does look alot like his big sister in his 2 month old pics!ReplyCancel

  • Kimberly - Those labels are adorable! I would love to win them! Cora and Levi do look alike. How sweet!ReplyCancel

  • W - Love the labels! I really love the pictures of Cora as well.ReplyCancel

  • The Beerbaurs - I have been following your blog for months now, LOVE it!! Since your first blog of Levi, I think he has looked like his sister Cora. I think she is the winner of the look-alike!! Two beautiful babies!! Praying for your family and Calla’s.ReplyCancel

  • Shana - I have thought from the beginning that Levi looks like Cora but never said it. I know both of your children are beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Amy - I have been following your blog for over a year now…pray for you often. I love these labels!ReplyCancel

  • Leach Family - Pictures are cherished snippets to remind us of wonderful moments in life! They truly resemble each other! Amazing! Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Vicki - WOW! The pictures of Levi and Cora. Too precious and I do agree they are starting to look more alike from the pictures you are posting.

    I LOVE the label idea and will probably go purchase some if I don’t win! It would solve a current day care issue we are having.ReplyCancel

  • Shannan - So much fun stuff to look at…especially the babies..too cuteReplyCancel

  • Jenae - Yes, they do look a lot alike! Those labels are SO cool!ReplyCancel

  • Keith and Laneigh Freeman - I love those labels. And Levi really does look like Cora in that picture. PreciousReplyCancel

  • Ashley - love these labels! I don’t have a dishwasher either! =(ReplyCancel

  • thegoerings - Levi is so precious, Jess! These labels would be great for the nursery at church!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - love those labels!ReplyCancel

  • The Perfect Trio - You are so sweet Jess. Levi is adorable! Cora is adorable! You have two beautiful babies…

    I have a dishwasher but think it moves the food around more than cleans it off. I’d rather hand wash!


  • The Farmers - I am starting to see Cora in Levi as well. I instantly saw it in his nose but now I’m seeing he has her lips.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - These would be great for our two little girls to keep things separate. Praying for your family and for Calla as well!


  • Tara - adorable pictures! they do look so much alike. & girl, you definitely NEED a dishwasher!!! πŸ™‚ i recently got one and i have to say it may just be the greatest invention ever… that and DVR’s.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - Wow…that is amazing how much Cora and Levi look alike! So precious.ReplyCancel

  • Our Life :) - Love these stickers! πŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • CLS - Love the pictures and the labels are awesome! Happy 2 Months Levi!!ReplyCancel

  • Burtons Blessings - Levi is precious!
    I love those labels! So handy for daycare too!ReplyCancel

  • Tina Coleman - I don’t have a dishwasher either, but I love the stickers!


  • Kelly Taylor - Levi and Cora are both beautiful babies. I love those pictures you posted where they look so much alike. Love the labels…I’ve been looking at some to order online, but these are much cuter!ReplyCancel

  • ShelbyRose - They do look so alike! πŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Love the labels!! Levi is a beautiful baby boy!!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - My name is Carolyn. I left the comment above!ReplyCancel

  • Little Momma & Co. - oh, these are just precious! they would be perfect for keeping my bottles and sippys straight at playgroup πŸ™‚ praying for the johnson’s, so happy sweet calla is home!

    little levi is getting so big, happy 2 month birthday sweet boy!

    fingers are crossed for a dishwasher for you too!ReplyCancel

  • Brandi - What sweet pictures of Cora and Levi! And I love the labels!ReplyCancel

  • The Lodmell Crew - These labels are such a great idea! So happy to hear that Calla is home!ReplyCancel

  • Cyndi - Praying for sweet Calla!ReplyCancel

  • Alana - The photos are so precious! They definitely look alike.
    I can’t imagine not having a dishwasher~especially with a baby. I think one would make a wonderful mother’s day gift~don’t you? πŸ˜‰
    As for the labels~they are so cute and such a great idea! I have never seen them, but would love to try.ReplyCancel

  • Lane - Love the labels! Praying for Calla!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - Those labels are a great idea! I love the picture of Levi and Cora, they look SO much alike in those pictures!!ReplyCancel

  • Brandy - Levi is such a cutie…and definitely looks like his big sister! The labels are a great idea!!!! πŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Uno Kidney - Sweet sweet babies….

    Labels would be great for my little guy and all of his junk.ReplyCancel

  • Leanne - Love the pics of Cora and Levi, precious!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Joy - I think those matching pictures are beautiful! Those would be beautiful to print and put in a side by side frame.
    I am praying for you. Especially this week.ReplyCancel

  • The Simonsons - Levi is so precious!! Those labels are great…with 2 little girls in my house those would be GREAT!! :o) Continuing to pray for Calla daily!! Came to “know” you both through friends and continue to pray for both of your families!! Know that you are loved by many!ReplyCancel

  • Heather - The pictures of Cora in your header are beautiful. Levi is looking a lot like his big sister in the picture you posted. Praying for you, your family, Calla and her family.ReplyCancel

  • Amy - Love the labels! Love, love the picture of Levi and Cora. So sweet!ReplyCancel

  • Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex - love the labels πŸ™‚
    and to you the Mac family thank you so much for sharing your life with us. you are such a blessing and great example to all !!!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - beautiful pictures. beautiful babies. very cool stickers. πŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • lk - He does look a lot like your brother – maybe he’ll have the curly hair?ReplyCancel

  • Tracy - I love those labels….I wish I had them for my other kids, but would be great for our new baby coming in September.ReplyCancel

  • Karla Stephens - The matching pictures of Levi & Cora melt my heart. They are both so incredibly beautiful. Praying for you this week.ReplyCancel

  • Karla Stephens - The matching pictures of Levi & Cora melt my heart. They are both so incredibly beautiful. Praying for you this week.ReplyCancel

  • Angie - Love the pictures! They definitely look alike!ReplyCancel

  • Shelley - I love these labels. What a wonderful idea!ReplyCancel

  • Erica - i cannot believe how similar those pics of levi & cora are! how precious!ReplyCancel

  • Jenny - They are both SOOO CUTE!ReplyCancel

  • The Gava Family - These labels are a great idea. It would be great for daycareReplyCancel

  • Cynthia - those pictures are absolutely precious. i am continually praying for baby calla and also for you .ReplyCancel

  • leiGh - such sweet pictures of your loves! I love the labels…such a great idea!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel E. - It is SO nice to have a dishwasher for washing all those bottles. Definitely worth it!ReplyCancel

  • torinem - They are both such beautiful baby pictures! Levi is certainly looking like his big sis.ReplyCancel

  • Kristin Stegent - Very cool labels! And love the pics of Levi and Cora! πŸ˜‰ReplyCancel

  • Ali ( - Oh, I love those labels.
    So thrilled for the Johnsons, still
    praying for a smooth transition home.ReplyCancel

  • Hailey - Cora and Levi do look so much alike in those pictures.
    Calla and her family are in my prayers as are you and your family.ReplyCancel

  • Amy H - Those are sooo cute! I think I am going to have to add these labels to my “baby shower gift” folder at home. Such a great idea.ReplyCancel

  • Jamie - Those labels are so fun! Thanks for the opportunity.ReplyCancel

  • Meagan - Found your blog through a friends… beautiful pictures of Cora and your new little one Levi!! God is great!ReplyCancel

  • CJAlabama - Super cute pictures! Love the labels too! :)ChristinaReplyCancel

  • Melisa - i love labels and even better that they can be washed….sign me up, please!ReplyCancel

  • Patty - How precious – Levi does look a lot like Cora in that picture!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some labels! My little one will be starting preschool this year and these would be fabulous to have!

    If I don’t win, I’m definitely heading over to the site to order!!ReplyCancel

  • vonFRINKenhagen - Cute labels!!ReplyCancel

  • SaraBeth - I love those labels! I have always thought Levi looked like Cora. Just Beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Catrina B - Me and my daughter love your blog! I just adopted a little baby boy and I love these! They’d be perfect for his bottles(:ReplyCancel

  • skitkat19 - Amazing how much Levi looks Cora! And yet, he’s still all boy!:) The bottle lables are adorable.ReplyCancel

  • mommyofkgrc - What a great idea. . . the labels are adorable and so are your pics!!ReplyCancel

  • Aulick Family - Beautiful pictures of Cora and Levi! So Precious!ReplyCancel

  • Cora Anne Designs - Those pictures are so sweet! Praying for Calla!ReplyCancel

  • The4Bells - so cute… prayingReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - we sure could use these!

    Susan WilkeReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I love the labels. Hope to win.


  • The Hams - What wonderful pictures! I have twins and those labels would be great for keeping their bottles straight!!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Love the labels.


  • Kati Mendez - I think Levi does look a lot like Cora – in the nose, the lips, the face in general. So sweet to have that to hold on to. *hugs*ReplyCancel

  • April - These stickers are perfect for keeping up with everything!


    guy015 (at) gmail (dot) comReplyCancel

  • Molly - Love those labels and those pictures are so sweet!ReplyCancel

  • Megan - 2 months is such a wonderful age. Hopefully you’ll have some girly auctions tomorrow – I seem to only birth girls πŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • purplemoose - Awww, Levi just looks so much like Cora! That far away stare is so awesome.

    Please put me in for the giveaway. The children and I check in on Calla every day and are SO excited that they are home!ReplyCancel

  • Angela - They do look alike! Your babies are beautiful. Those labels are great! Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • NatalieDeltaGam - they do look alike–how wonderful!!
    i didn’t have a dishwasher until last august…BEST THING EVER.
    i would love to have some labels. πŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • megan - I really like these labels and you can always use them for everything.ReplyCancel

  • anne - I love boys AND giveaways!!ReplyCancel

  • Kelly - I definitley see a resemblence in Cora and Levi. I almost think their lips look similar as well. Coras are a little more girly though πŸ˜‰ LOVE todays giveaway! My lil guy starts preschool soon, so this would be great so we dont get his stuff mixed up with everyone elses! Anything to make moms life a little easier is a good thing!!ReplyCancel

  • Watch Calder Grow! - Levi and Cora really do look alike in those pictures! What sweet babies.ReplyCancel

  • Carla - I think Levi looks a lot like his big sister, too. Very beautiful children you have πŸ™‚ xReplyCancel

  • Quin - Reading your blog has brought me closer to God. Thank you for just being you


  • Rebecca - Love the cute pictures of Levi and Cora! What great friends they would have been! I love the labels and I do have dishwasher!! These labels would get lots of washing at my house πŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Lovin’ Levi. And the labels.
    Jessica MarstonReplyCancel

  • The Stockton Crew - I have a little boy that needs these, too!! We are always loosing stuff and this would help so much! Btw, Levi does look like Cora in the two month pic.ReplyCancel

  • heidi v - The pictures are adorable and I love the labels!ReplyCancel

  • Lauren - So cute! love the boy stuff. And, yes, you can definitely see the brother-sister resemblance.

    Praying for you this week.ReplyCancel

  • Suzanne T. - What precious photos and what a great idea those stickers are! Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Jamie - What a great idea those labels are!ReplyCancel

  • Ricky and Melissa - the resemblance is amazingReplyCancel

  • Ben and Jessica Hershberger - You make beautiful babies..they really do look alike. I enjoy reading your blog. I may not know you, but I sure do think and pray for you guys often. Also praying for baby Calla, that she continues to grow strong and healthy.ReplyCancel

  • Nancy - love the the matching pictures of Cora and levi!!ReplyCancel

  • A Call to Armes - Love love love those labels!!ReplyCancel

  • It Is Worth It - cora and levi do look alike in that picture-you’re right. what a great picture to show him one day. so thankful calla is home.

  • Hope - These stickers are too cute πŸ™‚
    Great for using at church and parties!ReplyCancel

  • Vuong and Steph - Levi is perfect! I love the similar pictures of Cora and Levi. I hadn’t thought they looked much alike either until I saw the pictures. Thanks for sharing your babies with us!

    I love the labels, too! Super cute!ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay - Those matching pictures are too sweet! They definitely have the same nose.ReplyCancel

  • McKenzie - These are so neat! I would love to label everything for when I leave my little guy at daycare and what a blessing that they are dishwasher safe! Fabulous!ReplyCancel

  • Jane - wow your kids look so alike – amazing!
    the labels are gorgeous, thanks for the giveawayReplyCancel

  • JulieA - Yes, Levi looks like your brother and sweet Cora. We are praying for you all as well as the Johnsons!ReplyCancel

  • Wehaf - I definitely think that Cora and Levi look alike.

    Calla is in my thoughts.

    urchiken at gmail dot comReplyCancel

  • Mindy M. Harris - all right! cool labels! thank you.ReplyCancel

  • kati - those pictures of levi and cora are so similar and precious, it’s amazing. priceless.
    i’ve always thought levi looks like your husband, but now i see your brother, too.
    your babies make me so happy πŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I agree that Levi and Cora definitely look alike in those pictures! Two beautiful children. I continue to pray for your family and for Calla as she starts her life at home.
    Ashley in AZReplyCancel

  • The Mershawn's - What an great idea:). Loving all this stuff…and Levi is so sweet.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - My My you have been BUSY..I too thought Cora favored Her Daddy more and Levi favored His Mommy but have to say putting the picture of him and Cora together shows differently πŸ™‚ They are both adorable!
    Always in my thoughts and prayers..


  • LibraryGirl62 - ave no babies-well-under 16 anyway-so I would love to give these to a friend who is expecting her first!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - you are even more inspiring now that I hear you don’t own a dishwasher! JK.

  • Kyle and Shalen - Love following you on your journey! The labels are so cute!ReplyCancel

  • McArthur - Labels = good!ReplyCancel

  • Taylor - Yes, I do believe Levi looks like his big sister.

    My best friend has a little boy, and those labels would be PERFECT.

    Calla and her family are in my thoughts and prayers!!ReplyCancel

  • Kelly Phillips - Love the pictures. Can’t wait to watch Levi grow!ReplyCancel

  • jwall - Those stickers are too cute!! I would love some for our sippys!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I would love some of these…what a great idea!

    Praying as well…

    Heather in IN

  • twolittletots - i agree…i think levi looks like cora…i thought that a few weeks ago too!

    i think you should be able to get a dishwasher!!!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - He is adorable!! He looks a lot like Cora!ReplyCancel

  • La Familia Garcia - Oh not too late to enter! I love the labels!ReplyCancel

  • Crystal - Thank you so much for continuing your lovely blog, it is very inspiring! CrystalReplyCancel

  • Niki @ Southern Baby Boutique - So so sweet! Levi does look so much like Cora in that picture! Those labels are awesome too!ReplyCancel

  • Gloria - I do not know You but I have followed you blog for some time now and never left a comment. My heart has cried with you many times. I KNOW how hard it is to not be able to hold your precious child(ren) I have twin boy’s that are in heaven.
    I love how you put your self out there and help others.
    I am Praying for Calla and her Family. Especial her dear Mommy!
    And your little Levi is absolutely Adorable.ReplyCancel

  • Gloria - I do not know You but I have followed you blog for some time now and never left a comment. My heart has cried with you many times. I KNOW how hard it is to not be able to hold your precious child(ren) I have twin boy’s that are in heaven.
    I love how you put your self out there and help others.
    I am Praying for Calla and her Family. Especial her dear Mommy!
    And your little Levi is absolutely Adorable.ReplyCancel

  • Whitney - Both photos are so, so special.ReplyCancel

  • greenbuttonblog - The labels are sooo cute & so is Levi!ReplyCancel

  • amy - You will have to frame the pictures of Cora & Levi. That would be simply lovely. πŸ™‚

    I heart labels.

    Hugs to you…

  • Ashley - the labels are great! it would help us in our bible study where we have 5 little boys!!! gets confusing whose stuff is whose!ReplyCancel

  • Jerri Walker - Love the labels. Levi is so handsome!ReplyCancel

  • Lori - Thanks for shining the spotlight on these products! Blessings to you and your precious family.ReplyCancel

  • Debbie - The pictures of Levi and Cora do look so similar. He is just adorable and growing so fast. Those labels are wonderful and would be great for my grandson. Blessings, DebbieReplyCancel

  • Mandi @ It'scome2this - WOW! He really does look like his big sister in that picture … adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Ceri - Prayers for Calla! Thanks for what you are doing.ReplyCancel

  • Jenna - WOW, they really are starting to look alike…both BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • The Bordens - Love them!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - those fun labels are much more exciting than the black sharpie I currently use to label my kids cups, snack traps, etc…..ReplyCancel

  • Stacey - Those pics are so cute….Calla is still in my prayers and Levi and your family as well!ReplyCancel

  • Jenny - Levi is so precious. You are your husband are so blessed. I am sure Cora is looking down on all of you all the time.ReplyCancel

  • Team Eliza - These labels are just precious and even though we do have a dishwasher – I seem to do way too many dishes by hand! What’s up with that!?!ReplyCancel

  • Micah - Hey, these are great! I’ve never thought of this before! I just love the pictures you post of sweet little Levi. He is adorable. And you’re right – he is really starting to look like Cora these days!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer J. - What a beautiful little boy! Love the labels too!ReplyCancel

  • Stacy - I can definitely see that Cora and Levi have the same nose – so sweet.

    Love the labels!!ReplyCancel

  • forr2girls - I would love to win these labels, I have two grandbabies coming in the next few weeks and I’m sure they would love these on their bottles!

  • Kimberly - Levi looks SO much like Cora in that picture. What a sweet reminder in her brother of such a beautiful girl.
    And I love the labels!ReplyCancel

  • Lillian - The labels are so cute! But the babies are a million times cuter. So, so, so beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • The Schrags - Levi is so sweet and he is looking more and more like his big sister! You are in my prayers!

    What a great idea for labels!ReplyCancel

  • Munchkin Makings - Love that Levi looks similar to Cora. So sweetReplyCancel

  • Wendy - Beautiful pictures. I love the labels.ReplyCancel

  • Miss G - I do think they look alike in those photos! Seeing baby Levi in his reindeer sweater romper makes me so excited for next Christmas. My mom bought two of those rompers in red for my baby and my sister-in-law’s baby to wear together next year. πŸ™‚ KellyReplyCancel

  • Bri!!! - I would LOVE the stickers. What a great idea!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - WOw that picture is great to see them next to eachother I think Levi looks so much like Cora what a sweet little angel. Praying for you all always!
    Summer & Family in CaliforniaReplyCancel

  • Kimberly - LOVE those labels!!

    Levi is SO adorable! I think of you guys often. πŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - great pictures, fun labels, my youngest son’s name is Aaron, which is one of the names featured on the sample labels. πŸ™‚
    -Sarah L.ReplyCancel

  • The Brack's - Both such beautiful babies! And you do have a dishwasher….your husband!!! LOL just kidding! I definitely see resemblance in those two pics. Both so adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Ceri - PS. He is beautiful, just like his sister, I have always thought (from the pictures that you have posted) that they look alike. He is so handsome. You could just eat him up!ReplyCancel

  • LIH - Levi is so precious and he is starting to look like Cora! I am praying for Calla!

    Lorey HelfordReplyCancel

  • Sherryl - Like uncle, like nephew! They are both cuties!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle - How adorable! We’re having a baby boy in a few weeks, so I love the baby boy giveaways πŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Mrs. H - Perfect for sippy cups! Levi is a cutie (just like his big sister). He most definitely would be in love with her.ReplyCancel