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About a week ago Joel and I both felt this wave of sadness coming over us again. It never fully goes away, but theView full post »

sitting by the pool

Last week I bought a little blow up pool for Levi. And over the weekend Joel got it all set up for him. WeView full post »

levi eats cereal

Are you ready for your first bite of food Mr. Levi? Levi thought he was pretty big stuff sitting up in theView full post »

speaking of dads…

I know Father’s Day is over, but I had to tell you something about my dad.He is great.I mean really great.And heView full post »

father’s day

Joel, I love watching you as a daddy. It is the best. Cora loved you so much. And Levi loves you so much alreadyView full post »


When we got back from Florida I was so excited to find that our strawberries were ready to be picked. I LOVE freshView full post »

if the screaming on the airplane wasn’t enough…

…this probably was. I asked my sister to hold Levi up while I ran and got a diaper and wipes. She could barelyView full post »

levi {five months}

My brain struggles to wrap around you being five months old already.Actually you are getting close to six months oldView full post »

the rest of the trip

The rest of Florida. In pictures. Rehearsal dinner. FirstView full post »