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a hat for Levi

Remember this cute knit hat from last winter?
I love it.
It was a handmade gift.
But now it is too small for Mr. Levi’s head.
So, I am on the hunt for a new hat for Levi.
His head has grown just a little. :o)
Not that it is cold here…it is just beginning to feel a little fall-ish.
But soon I will need to help Mr. Levi keep his head warm.
I love this one from Old Navy.
They used to have it in blue too.
But I can’t find it on-line or in the stores anymore in the right size.
So, I am turning to you for help.
Where can I find a cute beanie for Levi?
I would love to find a handmade one.
Any Etsy store recommendations?