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monday morning

We had a great weekend.
A rainy Friday meant Joel got to take Saturday afternoon off.
Yeah for an afternoon at home together!
We haven’t had one in a long time.
We watched a movie, 
played with Levi,
ate pizza for dinner,
took naps {all three of us},
put together our Operation Christmas Child boxes,
went to church,
ate lunch with friends,
and spent Sunday evening with some new friends 
that we met through Judgement House.
It was great.
* * *
This morning Levi and I have been doing the normal Monday morning things…
along with some tractor driving.
I can’t believe how much Levi likes cars and tractors.
How does he know to “drive” them?
He gets on his hands and knees…
and drives…
and drives…
and drives…
all over the house.
Boys are so fun.
* * *
I loved being able to introduce you to some of my friends last week.
I hope you learned as much about friendship as I did.
I was definitely challenged.
I have some incredible friends,
but I hope you didn’t go away from those posts 
thinking that my friendships are perfect.
I struggle with the same things that everyone else does…
My friendships have changed with the different seasons in my life.
And loosing Cora changed and challenged my friendships too.
I love what Julie said,
“The things I long for in a best friend,
is what God is for me.”
I can pour out my heart to Him.
Nothing will ever change the way God feels about me.
He delights in me.
He delights in you.
What a friend we have in Jesus.
Here are the Friendship for Grown-Ups winners:
Stacy Brady
Debbie @ My2Blessings
Candy @ Mim and Company
Andrea @ Meanderings of Andrea
Congrats ladies! 
E-mail me your address and I will get your book sent off this week.
  • Andrea - Love seeing the pictures of Levi and hearing what he is up to. Boys are amazing! Somehow (though perhaps he observed it in his two older brothers) my now 17 mo old was adding sound effects to his play as he “flew” an airplane through the sky – he did this soon after he turned 1 yr old. Boys are geniuses at making sound effects – it looks like Levi is just around the corner from acheiving this milestone .:)ReplyCancel

  • Candy - I am having trouble finding your email address. Would you email me so I can email back my address. I am so excited about winning the book giveaway.

  • Candy - sorry
    Thanks again

  • k and c's mom - I loved your friends’ posts. (And I LOVE the John Deere tractor!) Boys do seem to naturally know how to drive. And use sticks for guns. And fall and get right back up again. How much fun you will have with him over the years!ReplyCancel

  • Katy - Oh, Jess! Levi is so adorable. 🙂 I have two girls so it’s fun to see your posts about trucks and tractors, etc.. It’s all tutu’s and baby dolls around here!ReplyCancel

  • The Gunter Family - Levi is just the cutest! My little boy just turned 2 and loves trucks and tractors. Boys are so much fun!ReplyCancel

  • Carrie - You take the most beautiful pictures.

    Boys are great! Plus, I love the toys! I often joke that I had kids to get to play with toys again!

    I know what you mean about having friendships challened when life changes on you. I find that I am leaning on my friends going through this with Hannah more than ever. I am lucky to have them. Now and then I wish I had someone other than me to lean on, IN my house, but, having great friends is a start. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Taryn - I always love your pictures. They are always so crisp and clear with just a little blur in the background. How do you do that? What type of camera do you have and what lens do you usually use? I’d love to know.
    Thanks! TarynReplyCancel

  • Mindy M. Harris - andrea merrigan is my sister -in-law. I bet she’s so glad she won!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Love your pictures of little Levi! What a cutie pie. I too am interested in your photography skills. Your photos are so clear and crisp…it is like a window into your lives! Any photography advice?
    I have a nice camera but I don’t feel like I am capturing my 3 kids in the photos like you do!
    Any suggestions would be great! My e-mail is:

  • Andrea - I sent you an email several days ago with my address since I won, did you get it? I’m so excited I won!ReplyCancel