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maine {the shore}

From the backyard this little sign pointed you to the stairs that led down to the shore of Frenchmen’s Bay. 
Our friends brought along their kayaks. We had lots of fun playing on that little rocky shore.
The water was cold. Joel said about 50 degrees probably. Just putting my feet in was cold enough for me.
When the tide was out, you could see tons of this seaweed-y stuff.
The boys ventured out in the kayaks.
Levi {to his dismay} had to stay behind with his mama and watch.
And then his mama even made him go take a nap while everyone else had fun.
But later on when dad came back he got to pretend he was kayaking.
And that seemed to be good enough.
He loved the rocks and the water. You had to keep a close eye on this speedy little guy.
And he loved watching everything that was going on.
After a day at the shore we headed back up the stairs to the house.
The worst part was always having to go back inside.