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blankets + freezer meals

Levi loves his blanket. He calls it his “baa-baa”. Cora loved her blanket too. Levi and I have been talking about how Baby Brother might need a baa-baa of his own. He thinks it is a really good idea. I LOVE the blankets that Cora and Levi have. They are both a really tight knit and very light weight (at least that is the best way I can think to describe them). And they are both colorful and stripey. LOVE.

So Levi and I have been on the search for a blanket for Baby Brother. I thought it would be fun for him to be able to give it to his brother as a gift. The problem is I can’t find a baby blanket like these ANYWHERE. Cora’s blanket was from IKEA and Levi’s blanket was from Babies’ R Us. I searched online and I couldn’t really come up with anything either. Any ideas? Where can I find a blanket like these??
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I have lots of friends who are pregnant right now. One of my friends had the great idea of having a freezer meal swap before the babies are born. That way we can all help each other with meals without worrying about it while we are adjusting to having a new baby.
I am not very good at freezer meals. Lasagna is about as creative as I get. I didn’t even know how to make lasagna when I got married…actually I didn’t know how to make much of anything. Joel knew more about cooking than I did.
I use this lasagna recipe from a friend. We put ground beef in ours of course. It is yummy. And Joel tells me it is the best lasagna he has ever had. He might just be sweet, but usually he is pretty honest about things like that. If you don’t know how to make lasagna…I’m sure you do, but just in case…try this recipe.
It just about killed me to cook all these meals. I made four for my friends and two for us to keep. My feet were killing me. But I am so glad they are done and it will be wonderful to have some freezer meals all ready to go after Baby Brother arrives. Do you swap freezer meals with your friends? Please share your best freezer meal recipes with me! Maybe next time I can be more creative.
Hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend!