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griffin {eleven months}

Griffin :: 11 months

Sheesh. Your dad keeps telling me {with a big smile on his face} what a big boy you are turning into. I keep telling him {with tears in my eyes} that I wish you would stop growing so fast. When I take your next monthly picture you will be one!

It was almost impossible to get you to lay down next to your eleven month flash card but we {barely} did it!

I guess you are too big to be lying down too. You would much rather be sitting up or crawling around.

This about sums up why you won’t cooperate for your monthly pictures anymore. I guess that is one good reason that you are almost one!


You are a precious little boy and as much as I hate how fast time is going by, I love seeing your little personality starting to really shine through. You are sweet and snugly but you definitely know what you want. No more baby food…you won’t touch it. You want what we are eating and if you aren’t getting what you want you let us know. You also are my first baby who will actually spit food at me that you don’t like…I mean like spit it right back in my face. Your favorites right now are bananas, peaches, spaghetti, goldfish and graham crackers. And you definitely have a sweet tooth. You love popsicles and ice cream. You are even drinking out of your sippy cup all by yourself now.

You are done with the belly crawl and are now crawling all over the house on your knees. You love crawling around outside but the tops of your feet and knees are getting raw from crawling on the sidewalk. You don’t seem to mind at all though. You are a tough boy already. I usually can count on you throwing a big fit when it is time to go inside. You can stand while holding onto something but have only pulled yourself completely up twice. You haven’t tried taking a step yet. You clap, wave, and show us how big you are. You still aren’t really saying any words. Just “Mmmm” when you eat and it sounds like you are saying “hi” when you wave. So maybe “hi” is your first word?? Otherwise you just grunt a lot.

You love playing with your brother…although he isn’t loving it as much now that you are getting into all his things. You love tractors and drive them back and forth on the floors. Your brother can make you laugh really hard but usually you are laughing at something naughty he is doing. I’m sure that will only get worse. πŸ™‚

You are so wiggly now and always seem to want down. Except when you are tired or shy. You are cuddly when you are tired and I love that. Before bed at night is our little time together (besides that time we spend together in the middle of the night!). You always want your paci and blanket to sleep. You take great naps now, but ever since we got back from Colorado your nights have been messed up again. Someday we will figure out your nights. That one month or so of sleeping was glorious while it lasted!

Oh, and your hair is getting a little long. Daddy says it is time for a haircut, but you seem too little to have a haircut already. But now looking at these pictures I’m thinking it might be time. Your first haircut before your first birthday…maybe??

I am determined to soak up every minute of this last month before you turn one. I am so thankful for my “two boys” as Levi always says. Love you so much, little one!


  • Lori Guggisberg - Can’t believe our boys are almost one!! Seems like just yesterday we were talking about when they were going to arrive and figuring out they were going to share a b-day! Hope you enjoy every minute of this last month before 1 year! =)ReplyCancel

  • Jordyn - your boys are just so adorable and I enjoy the monthly updates!

    ps- was griffin’s nursery ever finished? lolReplyCancel

  • Andrea - Yes, I completely understand the sentimental feelings of not wanting your baby to grow up. It’s a constant battle in my head πŸ™‚ Your son is such a beautiful boy! Love these updates. xoxoReplyCancel

  • Jane - Precious photos as always!! How is he already 11 months?!?!?? I realized today my younger son is no longer a newborn. A newborn! I’m losing my stuff over the fact my delicious 3 month old isn’t a floppy, snuggly newborn. I’m hopeless. And I can relate to the trucks; my 3 year old is all too excited to “play trucks” with his little brother.ReplyCancel

  • Bethany - Such a sweetie, Jessica! Can’t believe how quickly he’s grown… enjoy soaking in this next month!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Ann - Too cute!! Where does the time go? Your boys are growing up way too fast. Enjoy this time in your life with them!! My baby boy is 29 and his son is 2. I am reliving the challenges of a 2-year-old through new, older “rose-colored” glasses. He is my little pal and such a joy. I enjoy your blog and seeing those cute boys doing everyday stuff. Your Levi looks like a pro at farming already. Little Griffin surely has the sweetest face.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah W - OH my heavens. I can’t believe he’ll be 1 next month.
    You tell the sweet boy to cut it out.
    All these sweet babies that think they are allowed to go and grow up in the blink of an eye. not cool.
    I love your letters to your kids, they inspired me to write a few words to Colby every month. I thank you for that!

    And his hair. Oh how I love his hair. I’d struggle with cutting it before his first birthday, for some reason it just seems so sad.

    colby is having some weirdo nights too after we thought he had finally gotten the sleeping through the night thing down. I’m blaming teeth cutting currently and hoping we return to normal soon.

    He is SO cute!!ReplyCancel

  • Tiffany - He is precious! My boys are basically the same age as yours. And time if flying for me too! But it is so fun to watch them develop little personalities! Enjoy 1 more month with your little baby. πŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Stephnie - Hi there,

    I’ve been following your blog for a couple years and enjoy reading it. I am also a celebrity junkie. (I admit it, its my only vice!)
    So looking through my celeb twitter feeds last night and I read Kim Zociak from Housewives of Atlanta tweet and saw this picture she posted. The photo looked awfully familiar and I believe it is your boys!!! They are celebs!! Too funny and I just had to share. Here’s the link to her twitter, check it out! She posted it last night…


    Stephnie from CA.ReplyCancel

  • Diane Taylor - Oh Lord he is such a cutie – your boys are precious gifts Jess. I so love the monthly updates on them. I totattly smiled at the last post about the corn harvest and Levi’s face as he got to ride with his Uncle and Daddy. He will remember that ALWAYS!

    Have a blessed weekend.


  • PTC - This is really lovely post !ReplyCancel