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will you pray?

There are two precious little girls who need our prayers today. They are both fighting neuroblastoma. I can’t tell you how much I hate neuroblastoma. I would love it if you would read their stories and join me in praying for these sweet girls and their families:



Henley’s extended family has started a fundraiser to help ease the burden of the enormous medical expenses that the family is facing. For all donations of $20 or more, you receive a custom made “Bee-lieve” ornament in honor of the Brave Bee (Henley’s nickname). You can follow Henley’s journey here and make a donation here. Annie (a cousin of Henley’s mom) sent me two Bee-lieve ornaments to give away to my readers. Leave a comment in today’s post and you will be entered to win. I will randomly select two winners on Sunday.

I know there are so many children who need our prayers. I get emails about them all the time and each one is precious. It is hard for me to know how to post about them here on the blog…I’ve been trying to think of a great idea because I can’t tell you how much we appreciated the many, many people who were praying for Cora!! If you have any ideas let me know.

  • trisha - I hate it too! We also personally know 2 girls fighting it. Ugh!!!!


    ps- My kids spent the week at a soccer camp for kids with cancer. They raised $1,442.75 in only 4 days by doing bake sales, sending emails to everyone they knew and going door to door in our neighborhood. ALL of the money goes to our local childrens hospitals (our son was at the same hospitals for his heart defect) to fund research to end this ugly disease. It’s a very tough fight but my family is in it with you 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Cari Chastain - I wonder if you could do posts twice a month, like on the 1st and 15th is something. Post about the kids who you have heard about or any updates you have received. Or one really big once a month post with links and updates. This is such a huge undertaking…all the info. But I do know prayer changes lives. It has been such a huge blessing to us. And it’s free to pass along!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Eidson - I was thinking that maybe you could add a page to the top of your blog with the names and maybe pictures of the children in need of prayer along with a link to their blog.

    It is so wonderful that you have it in your heart to share these precious childrens’ stories. Prayer helps so much and the more people who pray the better. I will be praying for these beautiful children!ReplyCancel

  • Katie - Prayers for both precious little girls. May God give them and their families the strength to get through this challenging time.ReplyCancel

  • Annie Jones - I can not thank you enough for putting Henley on your blog Jess!!! My heart is over flowing with thankfulness and my eye’s with tears!!! May God bless you for this beautiful gift of prayer you have offered for these amazing little girls and their families!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Angie @ Creating Our Home - I am heartbroken for these families. I read through their stories and am so, so sad for them. I will pray for them in the coming days. I have followed Cora’s story since you were in the hospital with her…I pray for your family often, too.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Dudley - Jess,
    Thanks is not enough for what you are doin for these families!!! Henley’s family has asked for nothing more than prayers and you have opened the door for thousands more for both of these sweet girls!! May God continue to bless your family for your thoughtfulness. Just so you know, thanks to your post, I have already received a donation for a Bee-lieve ornament. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    God bless you,
    Henley’s cousin – Sarah DudleyReplyCancel

  • Ceri - You could use the P is for Prayer button to take you to a Pintrest board. When you get a request you could pin a link to the blog or face book page ect on the board. On the 5th of each month you could post the button or a link to the board in place of an update and we all go and pray for a child on the board.ReplyCancel

  • Macie - Prayers for these precious girls. A cure will be found. I believe.ReplyCancel

  • MeganJ - Prayers for them and their families.ReplyCancel

  • Jody - Jess, what if you put a link on the sidebar to a pray for page?? There you could list these children so that those who wish to could go there and pray through the list.

    My cousin just participated in Pelotonia last weekend here in Ohio. It is a 25, 50, 75 or 150 mile bike ride. All money raised goes towards cancer research at the Ohio State University-James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. This year alone raised like $30 million dollars!! They are doing some amazing things towards curing and even preventing cancer. It’s awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Alicia - Prayers to both little girls and their families!!ReplyCancel

  • Corrie - Just prayed for these darling girls and their families.
    Prayed for you, too.ReplyCancel

  • Anna - Heartbreaking…praying for Jesus to be near these families!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Ann - I will pray for those two sweet little girls and their parents. I will pray for them to be strong and brave and make the right choices given their unique circumstance. I pray for earthly and heavenly angels to be near them and help them in their trials. Mostly I will pray that the Lord will bless them in their time of need and help lift their burdens.ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay - Those girls are too sweet! Prayers to them! We have been fervently praying for a co-workers son Bryson that beat neuroblastoma that was diagnosed at 5 months of age. He is now almmost 4 and cancer free but developed pulmonary fibrosis from the chemotherapy. He is intubated a waiting for a double lung transplant in St. Louis MO 500 miles away from home! He has been fighting something his whole life and his parents are faithful but it has been really trying.
    You can read his story here! Pass the word about how important organ donation is too! He is waiting for lungs to fit a 20lb child!

  • Jill - I am a big supporter on the fight to beat cancer. I have lost a brother and a mother to this deadly disease……………………I will be praying for these two girls and all of the other children fighting!ReplyCancel

  • Tina Coleman - Praying for these precious little girls!ReplyCancel

  • Brittin Olson - Oh makes me cry. Children should not have to go through this. I will be praying for these beautiful little girlsReplyCancel

  • Mikki - praying!!ReplyCancel

  • Annie Jones - Thank you everyone for your prayers! Henley has done something amazing this week….she has, dispite being neutropenic, been able to remain at home. Usually by this time in her treatment when she has no WBC’s to fight off infection she spikes a fever and has to be admitted to the hospital. This week she has made it longer than ever without having to be admitted!!! Your prayers are working!!! Thank you so very much and please, please, please keep praying!!! 🙂 God bless you all!!ReplyCancel