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on a walk

We have finally had some nice days here in Kansas. Yay for fall! I love to go on walks with my boys. There is something calming about going outside and walking, especially on the quiet country roads. If my house is feeling chaotic or I am about to lose it myself, I throw the boys into the stroller and we go on a walk. Somehow it is calming for everyone. I made Levi some binoculars the other day. He took them on our walk to “explore”.

Levi always used to ask to go to Cora’s stone on our walks. Now that he knows how fun it is to climb on that big fallen tree, he asks to go to Cora’s stone and the big tree. He even brought his tractor along.

I love listening to him play. He was moving the tree and hauling branches with his tractor just talking non-stop to himself.

It was a beautiful morning so I just let him play away. So much for exercising, right?!

Griffin watched for awhile until he got tired of being contained in the stroller. He wanted out too. Another great thing about the country is you can just stop and play right in the middle of the road. He was so happy to play in the sand and gravel.

He wants so badly to do everything his brother does now. Usually he tries, but this day he just watched.

A few minutes later his brother joined him. Boys and their tractors. πŸ™‚

This little guy is turning one this week. Can you believe it? Part of me wants to be sad that he’s not my little baby anymore. It doesn’t seem possible that he could be one already! But I’ve been reminded again this week about what a blessing it is to celebrate my baby turning one. First birthdays are a gift. And so I’m not going to be sad about it but instead celebrate this precious life that God has entrusted to us for a whole year already!

This week is a busy one…full of lots of celebrating.

And also a haircut. I promised his daddy that he would have a haircut before his party. I was trying to hold out but those two ladies who asked if he was a girl really didn’t help out my case. So, I guess I will give in to the haircut to ensure that everyone knows that my baby is a boy…a boy who is about to turn one! πŸ™‚

  • Sarah W. - Precious sweet boys.
    Can NOT believe that Griffin is turning one…. crazy!
    Hope you guys have a great week celebrating!ReplyCancel

  • Beth K. - Time goes so fast! My Griffin is turning five this week! Seems like just yesterday he was a baby. Happy birthday from my Griffin to your Griffin!ReplyCancel

  • Melanie Martini - Jess, I loved your pictures of your walk. You are so right about how nice it is to live in the country. I grew up on a farm in Minnesota and wish my kids (my husband, kids and I live in the city) could have some of the same experiences I did growing up. πŸ™‚

    As I was looking at the pictures of Griffin, I couldn’t help but think how much he looks like your sister, Anne. So sweet!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Ann - Your boys are certainly growing up but they are, oh, so cute!! My little grandson (2 years old) also loves tractors and playing in the dirt. It’s a cute age because everything is new to them. My son was about 16 months old when I finally cut his hair the first time. His was dark black and very curly. Yes, people told me what a cute little girl he was. Really? Blue pants, brown shoes, dark blue coat, red shirt with a truck on it and he’s a cute little girl?? Oh, well. He was kinda cute but I still chopped all those curls off anyway. Now he’s 29 and still obsessed by all that hair on his head. Lucky him….he won’t go sort of bald like his dad did at an early age!!ReplyCancel

  • Sheila - I love his hair and that last picture with the sweet drool is about the cutest thing I have ever seen!!ReplyCancel

  • Beth Ann - I loooove his hair! Probably because I have a baby boy who will be one on sept 27 who has very similar looking hair that I refuse to cut until sometime after his first bday! πŸ˜‰ReplyCancel

  • Jane - Oh, my those boys are simply delicious!!!! Not sure about you, but I love listening to my son play. Making the little “rrrrr” truck noises and “driving” his motorcycles is just precious to listen to. Can’t wait to see his haircut photos! And, how much are you already loving BSF and the book of Genesis?? Love it!!ReplyCancel

    Jess Reply:

    Jane-I am LOVING Genesis. It is so fun to talk about it with Levi too!

    • Jess - Jane-I am LOVING Genesis. It is so fun to talk about it with Levi too!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle from Australia - I am obsessively watching US temperatures at the moment. Because it is getting warm very quickly here. And I’ve noticed they’ve dropped off quite signifcantly recently. Hopefully that means our kiddos will get to see (and touch??) snow for the first time. LOVE the pics of your boys. They are just beautiful. Truly beautiful. M xReplyCancel

  • Kim - Hey Jess,
    Don’t be offended that people think hes a girl, he is just such a beautiful boy that he could pass for a girl, its really a compliment to Griffin. Happy Birthday Griffin! Your kids are just so cute, and Levi is going to love a little friend (brother)to play with him and his tractors once Griffin can walk and keep up. Keep bloggin, I love to leave my hectic world and visit yours every week!!ReplyCancel

  • Renee - Sweet, Sweet children you have! Beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Cari Chastain - First birthdays are a HUGE gift. I love how you said you “will not be sad”. A hard choice, but a good choice. Happy Birthday to Griffin!ReplyCancel

  • hayley - The girl comment is what pushed me to cut my baby boy’s hair. Even though, like Griffin, he was clearly a boy…ReplyCancel

  • Kayla - Happy Birthday, Griffin! I love your pictures, you really know how to capture moments. So precious. Do you mind sharing what type of camera/lens you use?ReplyCancel

    Jess Reply:

    Kayla-Thank you! I have a Canon 50D and use a Canon 1.4 50mm lens and a Tamron 2.8 28-75mm lens.

    • Jess - Kayla-Thank you! I have a Canon 50D and use a Canon 1.4 50mm lens and a Tamron 2.8 28-75mm lens.ReplyCancel

  • Mel - So sweet. They grow too fast!!ReplyCancel

  • Emily S. - Your boys are so cute! What kind of camera do you use? It seems like a d-slr?ReplyCancel

    Jess Reply:

    Emily-Thank you! I have a Canon 50D. I love favorite lens is the Canon 1.4 50mm.

    • Jess - Emily-Thank you! I have a Canon 50D. I love favorite lens is the Canon 1.4 50mm.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer E - Whoops, I don’t think my comment went through. But I wanted to thank you for posting this song. I am in the midst of a little storm myself. I had not heard this song before or the group, but as I was browsing some of their other songs, came across “Not for a Moment” which has just been such a blessing to me this week. Sometimes in my frailty I need to be reminded that God has promised to NEVER leave me nor forsake me. Had I not checked in on your sweet blog, I would have never discovered it. I love how God works. Thank you SO much for posting. Here is the link to their other song, and thank you again:

    Jess Reply:

    Jennifer-I listened to “Not for a Moment” too. So good…such truth in that song about our faithful Savior!

    • Jess - Jennifer-I listened to “Not for a Moment” too. So good…such truth in that song about our faithful Savior!ReplyCancel