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repurposed block boxes

Wooden blocks have always been one of my favorite toys for kids. I had wooden blocks in my kindergarten classroom and they were definitely a favorite. Not only are they fun and make kids use their imaginations…but they are also pretty. You know, a toy that is not a total eyesore to have out in your living room. For his first birthday, Levi received this set of Melissa & Doug blocks from my parents. His first set of wooden blocks. Yay! And they even came in a pretty wooden box. 🙂 The next year he got a second set for Christmas.

I loved the wooden boxes, but it was impossible to put the blocks away in those. The blocks soon found a new home in a big basket and I needed to find another use for the boxes.

The boxes were fine the way they were but I thought they needed something. So, I picked up these number stickers from Lowes stuck them on and that was it. Easy projects are the best.

These boxes fit perfectly in my Expedit bookshelves. I love that. And now they are starting to fill up with art supplies for when Levi isn’t too busy playing in the mud or farming and decides he wants to do an art project with his mama!
I’ll show you the rest of the bookshelf tomorrow!
  • Kayla - Wooden blocks were always my favorite as a child, and I love that my 3 year old loves them, too! Love your bookshelf–especially the books ordered by color & the Cora doll. You are so creative!ReplyCancel

  • creole wisdom - So pretty! Can’t wait to see the rest of your shelf 🙂 I think my favorite is that giant jar for crayons.ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - I never had wooden blocks at home growing up, but every time I went over to my grandparents’ place, I would play with them.. I have such fond memories!

    I can’t wait to see the rest of your shelf! The little preview you gave us is beautiful. I wish my shelf was half as organized, haha.. o_oReplyCancel

  • Mary Ann - My dad like to do carpentry so as kids we had lots of leftover pieces of wood. He patiently sanded them and made them sliver-free. They were houses, chairs, walls, etc for our dolls or whatever. I drew on some for fridges and stoves for my houses I built. Fun play toys for kids. You are very creative!!!ReplyCancel

  • Sian - I’ve been starting to collate Christmas and birthday gifts for my 11 month old man and have been looking for a decent set of blocks. I think you have found my winner. I just love wooden toys.

    I think my little man is about a month younger than your littlest, so when you post your monthly pictures of him, I get very excited at the prospect that it is almost time to take my next set of photos.

    Which means Griffin must be almost one 🙂ReplyCancel

  • faith - that just looks so pretty! love the crayons in that jar and the books and the little doll with the letter C!ReplyCancel

  • Cathy - Just clicked on the link and LOVED them!! I ordered a set for Lars for this Christmas!! Thanks for sharing – can’t wait for him to get them 🙂ReplyCancel

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