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I’m back! I think I am finally getting my full computer under control. Thanks so much for all of your ideas. I decided to back all my pictures up on an external hard drive and back them up again on a flash drive (because it was cheaper than CDs) before deleting them from iPhoto. Why haven’t I been doing this all along…I have no idea?! Now I have a system and hopefully I will stick with it. I am hoping to start making some photo books and print off some favorite prints as I am organizing all my photos too. I’ll keep you updated on my progress. 🙂

So…there is lots to catch you up on. Here are a few of the things we have been up to this lovely fall.

::: Pumpkin Patch :::

One of Levi’s friends celebrated his birthday at the pumpkin patch this year. It was a gorgeous day and such a fun birthday party. Joel even had a slow morning and decided to come along…yay! This is the first time we have all gone to a pumpkin patch together.

If you are local, Papa’s Pumpkin Patch is awesome. It was our first time to go there and we loved it. There is no admission fee and they have all sorts of fun play equipment for the kids to play on. The pumpkins are really reasonable too. While we were there we found out that Levi’s delivery nurse and her family run the pumpkin patch. She is pretty awesome too! Gotta love small towns. 🙂

Levi picked out a big pumpkin for himself.

He was really impressed with it. I have no idea why we were letting him hold the “cutters” as he calls them. At least he was being supervised.

A proud pumpkin picker.

He picked one for Griffin too. He thought Griffin needed a little one.

My two little pumpkins (one of them who is very cheesy) and their pumpkins all loaded up and ready to go.

We got to hang out with some sweet friends too. This is the birthday boy’s mama and two of the other mamas.

Pumpkin picking is serious business.

While we were talking I looked over and Levi was giving his brother a drink of his water. They crack me up.

It was one of those rare moments where they were actually taking care of each other instead of picking on each other. I am praying there are more and more of these taking care of each other moments as they get older.

::: Hedge Apples :::

We have lots of hedge apple trees around us…I looked hedge apples up online and the trees are actually Osage Orange Trees.

There is one tree right along the road that we walk on to get to Cora’s cemetery. We saw that it was full of hedge apples and decided that next time we took a walk we would collect a bunch and bring them home.

This is a hedge apple. You don’t eat them. They are just pretty. And some people use them to keep away spiders and crickets. I don’t know if that really works? We still get spiders and crickets in our house.


When you pull them off the tree a milky juice comes out of the top…it is a little messy and sticky.

Levi had to pull really hard to get the hedge apples off. He kept falling back every time he got one.

But it didn’t stop him from filling up our stroller. He likes to have a job to do.

There is nothing better than pretty, free fall decorations and a little boy who helps you gather them. 🙂

::: The rest of the time :::

Otherwise, I have just been doing my best to keep up with these two. They are a handful…but so fun!

I am working on some costumes this week for the boys and have lots more to tell you about. I have a great deal from DaySpring to tell you about tomorrow and a giveaway planned for Friday too! See you tomorrow. 🙂

  • creole wisdom - What cuties you have. How fun that patch looks, glad you are having a wonderful fall. You look great Jess!ReplyCancel

    Jess Reply:

    Creole-Thank you!!

  • Carrie - Looks like fun! Such cute boys.ReplyCancel

  • amosclutchpedal - Oh my goodness those are some cute boys you have. I have two little girls so it’s fun to see them!ReplyCancel

  • Kalyn - We call those Hedege apples, Monkey Balls, I have no idea why?ReplyCancel

    Jess Reply:

    Kalyn-I’ve heard that before too. Funny!

  • Ashley - We call them Osage Oranges in Virginia. I’ve never heard that they keep spiders & crickets away, my mom says roaches (yuck!). They smelly super yummy after about a week off the tree. They were used in the south as fences before fences were what they are today. They were planned in a row and the cows/horses/etc wouldn’t go through them. We always have them on in our house in the fall!!!ReplyCancel

  • Jody - We didn’t get any hedge apples this year. My cousin usually hooks us up with some from his dad’s mini farm. I’m afraid those huge spiders are going to find out and come back…I hate those things!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Ann - Cute pictures of those darling little boys. Both are growing up way too fast. I love those hedge apples. They remind me of round broccoli!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like them in Utah. Can’t wait to see the costumes the boys wore for Halloween. My little grandson was superman and a darn cute one at that!!ReplyCancel

  • Christina - You have such a gift of capturing your life in a way that is almost magical…your pictures are amazing. 🙂 Your boys are so cute!! I’m sure that helps. 🙂ReplyCancel