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i can teach my child to read {new e-book}

Happy Tuesday! Just wanted to let you all know about a brand new eBook that my sweet friend, Jenae, just released this week. Jenae has a great blog full of fun hands on activities to do with your kids. She is a firm believer that every parent is their child’s first and most important teacher. I would agree!

I am a former kindergarten teacher and teaching my students to read was one of my favorite things about teaching. To see them “get it” for the first time as they read the words in a book was so great! As I read through I Can Teach My Child To Read I kept saying to myself…I did that in my classroom! This e-book has so many awesome reading strategies and suggestions.

Here is what Jenae says about her book,

“In this book I share the basic fundamentals of teaching a child to read in simple, easy-to-understand language that can be implemented the minute you set this book down.  After reading this book, I hope you will feel equipped and empowered to begin teaching your child to read!”

Jenae provides valuable information to create a print-rich environment to foster your child’s growth as a reader. Most of this information wasn’t new to me as a teacher, but I was reminded of so many things that I need to be doing with both Griffin and Levi. I am not going to sit down and teach them to read tomorrow. I have to teach Griffin how to talk first! Ha! But I am going to start using some of these suggestions as part of our normal daily routine to instill in my kids a love for books and reading. One other thing I loved about this eBook is that it is not only filled with great information to help guide your child as a reader, but it is also full of additional resources from great authors to book lists to game ideas and tutorials.

To celebrate the release of I Can Teach My Child to Read, Jenae is offering this eBook at half-off for just $1.99 (regularly $3.99) through Saturday, January 12th . You can purchase the PDF version here or the Kindle version on Amazon. Go check it out!

Affiliate links used, but opinions are all my own based on personal review. This is really a great eBook!

  • Heather S. - I totally agree with your friend, Jess. I am a former elementary teacher, turned home educating mother. Parents really are the most important teachers for their children. In fact, I loved teaching other children to read so much that when it came time to send my girls to school I decided to be selfish and not let anyone else have that privilege – I wanted to be the one to teach them to read, to see them learn and grow. Just because they were suddenly five didn’t mean my role as mother teacher needed to be handed off to anyone else. It is TOTALLY possible for parents to teach their children anything! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • leiah - I bought it 🙂 Looking forward to the read.ReplyCancel