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griffin :: eighteen-ish months

I have been meaning to do a 3 year and 18 month update on Levi and Griffin. I planned on doing a little photo shoot with them but getting them both outside in nice clothes without ending up covered in mud was too much to ask. So, last week when we were on a walk we stopped at their favorite spot and I took a few pictures while they played. This is so them right now. Sweatpants and sweatshirts, boots, and finding as much water and dirt to play in as possible. This little adventure ended with a bath…of course.

Today is all about Griffin and tomorrow is all about Levi.


Sweet Griffin.

At eighteen months you are determined, serious, funny, and brave. You have driven me to my knees as I seek God’s wisdom to know how to train up a determined little boy like you in the way he should go. I pray that someday I look back and see that these precious days were the beginnings of a young man who is determined to follow hard after Christ and boldly share His love with many.

Most people who first meet you think that you are pretty serious. They don’t see your funny side until they have won you over. You love your family. Your brother is your best friend and you want to do everything he does…and I mean everything. You are definitely a mama’s boy but if your daddy takes you outside to play or to visit the farm you love the time you get to spend with him.

 You are funny. Your faces are hilarious. I didn’t catch it on this day, but so often you have your little lips pursed. It’s your determined face. You can go from all out screaming to a big cheesy grin in a matter of moments. Some might call that moody. 🙂  You still aren’t saying many words so we are trying to learn to communicate with you through your crazy facial expressions and grunts.

You are brave. You are still pretty wobbly on your feet but it sure doesn’t stop you. You are willing to try everything your brother does and more. It seems like every day you acquire a few more bumps and bruises on your head. You love tackling and wrestling with your brother. You two are always up to something. I feel like I am constantly following you around trying to keep you safe. I guess that’s a mama’s job, right?

You keep us laughing and on our toes, little man, and I am so thankful that you are in our family. I love you so much!

Love, Mama

* * * * *

And just a few more things that I don’t want to forget…

:: You use a few signs and say essential (ha!) words like duck, moo, yuck, mama, dada, ee (Levi), and it sounds like you are trying to say a few other names. The rest of the time you just point and grunt or cry because we can’t understand you…your brother can usually figure out what you want. Thank goodness for brothers.

:: You love to read and sing together. You love animals so anything with an animal (especially cows) is your favorite.

:: Your eyes are definitely greenish-brown. Your right eye is more brown and your left eye is more green/gray.

:: You have a crazy sweet tooth. You love candy and always want a drink of pop if mama or daddy are drinking one. You would only eat sweets if we let you and are a very picky and stubborn eater. Right now your favorites are any kind of fruit, eggs, smoothies, macaroni & cheese,  and rice. Just in the last few weeks you have started finally trying a few new things.

:: You have a hilarious beauty pageant type wave. Just in the last week you started to hold your hand still when you wave…we call it a farmer’s wave. I think I’m going to miss the beauty pageant wave though.

:: You blow kisses with a loud “muuuuh” sound. You give high fives and you love to clap and dance. You recognize when some of our favorite songs come on and get a huge grin when you hear them. You love to play the piano and join in on your brother’s band.

:: You still do better if you can take a short little nap in the morning but you are mostly only taking an afternoon nap now. You sleep through the night but still occasionally wake up and cry for a drink. You are an early riser. I’m still trying to get used to that. You always want your paci, blanket, and a drink when you are tired or it is bedtime. We are going to have to work on getting rid of that paci this summer!

:: You love being outside playing in the sandbox, riding your bike, or digging in the dirt. You love driving around tractors and trucks. You love water and mud and love to get dirty. You are definitely all boy!

* * * * *

If you want to see Levi at 18 months click here. I always think it’s fun to compare and see how much they have changed! 🙂

  • faith - happy 18 month-ish griffin! what a cute boy! i remember those picturs of levi at 18 mos. sweet precious boys. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • elizabeth - go broncos! love the old school logo!!! he is adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Nikki - What a doll! His personality and development sounds just like our youngest (also 18 months). Maybe it is a third child thing 😉ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Stewart - He is just too cute!ReplyCancel

  • Brittin Olson - He is just so dang cute! Stubborn boys! That is my life right now. I have 17 month stubborn one, and we just got custody of my husband’s 8 year old son, and he is also giving us a run for our money in the stubborn department! haha God bless little boys.ReplyCancel