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he cracks me up

Since my last post was all about Levi I thought that maybe Griffin needed a little post of his own too. This boy doesn’t talk much (like still only says a few words) but he has quite the huge personality. He is constantly cracking me up…or making me wonder how in the world I will ever learn to parent him…but either way, I love him so much.

I took those pictures the same day I took the pictures of Levi in his big boy bed. Griffin had taken a very short nap and was watching a movie and eating popcorn while he waited for his brother to wake up. I went upstairs to get something and came down to find him like this.

Lounging with his little leg propped up munching on his popcorn.

I can’t remember what happened to his clothes…probably wet or something. The whole time I was taking pictures he didn’t move that little leg.

He was showing me his popcorn. Nice popcorn, Griffin.

It has been hard to find food that he is willing to eat…but he loves popcorn. (He drank a green smoothie this weekend though…a total miracle!)

Eating popcorn out of a cute Sarah + Abraham bowl makes it even better.

Griffin loves watching a movie with his brother after naps…or sometimes on his own because he tends to be a short napper! He is spoiled because Cora never watched TV and Levi didn’t watch TV until he was almost two! Third child.

He likes Veggie Tales and when certain songs come on Levi will say, “Griffin!!!” and they will look at each other with big smiles and start dancing. It is really cute.

On the days when Griffin watches his movie by himself he is much calmer. I am amazed he will sit in one place for that long. Until he hears his brother waking up…then he pops up and gets so excited.

My two boys are so very different in personality and so very busy…each in their own way. There are times when I long for just a few minutes of quiet in my house but then I am reminded of the joy that all the noise represents. I am so very thankful for this noisy, boy filled home of mine. And I am thankful for that little lounging boy munching on his popcorn with crossed feet who always is making me smile. He is pretty great!

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Also…a few people have emailed saying they are not able to leave comments. Anyone else having trouble with commenting? If so, please let me know so I can try to fix the issue! 🙂

  • Andrea Wolfe - I love reading about your sweet Griffin. He reminds me so much of my Cruz (I’ve thought this for months already). His strong (putting it mildly 🙂 personality, lack of words, but not a lack of determination, picky eating habits, and so much more.
    These photos are stunning! Love the way he’s crossing his chubby legs 🙂 Such an adorable child.

  • heather - he is so cute!ReplyCancel

  • Jill - “He is constantly cracking me up…or making me wonder how in the world I will ever learn to parent him…but either way, I love him so much.” haha!! Your Griffin reminds me of my Sydney.

    He is such a cutie and the leg crossed is adorable.ReplyCancel

  • elizabeth - this post is adorable. what a beautiful family you have!ReplyCancel

  • Paige - Hi! I’ve been following your blog for a long time and I love the pictures and stories of your precious children. I don’t mean to seem bossy, but I just had to comment on the popcorn – pleeeeeeease be very careful with the popcorn. It is a huge choking hazard for children under 4. I know it’s so hard when toddlers don’t want to eat and you can only find a few things that they like. But picky toddlers are very common and not even in danger as long as you continue to offer lots of healthy choices. I promise you that he will eat one day – I’m a nurse as well as the mom of 3 boys who also were picky toddlers but now are hungry teenagers who eat everything in sight! All the best to you and your family!ReplyCancel