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levi :: three-ish years

Dear Levi,

At three years old you are joyful, encouraging, a leader, and cautious. God knew we needed a joyful little boy who always has a smile on his face and we are so thankful for the joy you bring to our family! It amazes me how that joyful personality of yours just continues to grow. You are always making us laugh and smile…and you seem to make everyone around you smile too. You are also all about making a joyful noise. We sing together all the time and I often hear you singing to yourself or along with the radio. You love watching the worship band at church and pretending to have your own band at home. You will assign everyone an instrument and then we all rock! You have the cutest little way you play an air guitar. I love it. Your favorite song right now is “Bless the Lord”. And if you hear one of mom’s favorite songs you always say, “Mom! It’s your song!”

You are an encourager. You are always the first to tell us “good job” or “that’s cute mom”. You are definitely your brothers biggest cheerleader. You get so excited when he does something new or says a word. I often will hear you telling Griffin good job or calling me to see something Griffin is doing.

You are a leader. You are always coming up with plans and assigning us jobs. You like to be in charge. We are working on reminding you that mama and daddy are actually in charge. Obedience is hard, I know. You are really good at telling your brother what to do too. You can be bossy at times, but most of the time you just talk to Griffin and tell him about everything that is going on. He likes to do whatever you are doing so he usually just follows right along. It might be one of the reasons your brother hasn’t started talking much yet…you are always doing enough talking for both of you! 🙂

You are cautious. You like to know what you are getting into and are not one to take risks very often. That is one of the reasons it took you so long to get enough courage to try climbing out of your crib. You often watch other kids before you are willing to try something new. You like things to be predictable and you like to know the plan for the day.

I am so thankful for you, Levi. I pray that God would use your joyful spirit to bring encouragement to many as you grow.

Love, Mama

* * * * *

And just a few more things I don’t want to forget…

:: You are very verbal and remember everything. You talk all the time. I love having conversations with you because you say the funniest things. I am also amazed by the things you are starting to understand. We have been memorizing verses and I can’t believe how quickly you remember…you are better at memorizing than your mama!

:: You adore your daddy. You love being his little helper and doing jobs with him. You especially love when you get to tag along at the farm. You would stay at the farm all day if you could. Your eyes light up when daddy gets home from work each day. You always ask him, “Are you going to stay home all night?”. Recently after we got back from a trip I asked if you missed me. You told me, “No, I just missed my daddy”. You did reassure me that Griffin missed me though. 🙂

:: You remind me more and more of your daddy each day…both in looks and in personality. People often say you are a little Joel with blonde hair. He is a pretty great role model and I’m so glad you have him to look up to!

:: You love being outside. You love playing in your sand box, swinging on the tire swing, riding bikes, digging in the garden, playing in any mud or puddles you can find, throwing balls, mowing, and going on walks.

:: If we are stuck inside you like playing tractors, playdoh, drawing, painting, legos and putting puzzles together. This winter we built our first fort inside. Ever since then you ask if you can tear our couch apart every single day. My living room has never been the same since!

:: You really like movies now. Your favorites are Veggie Tales, Curious George, Bernstein Bears and Cars.

:: You are becoming more and more independent. You are potty trained, you are starting to want to dress yourself, you sleep in a big boy bed, and we often hear you say that you can do something by yourself. It is hard to believe that you are getting old enough to not need me as much anymore.

:: You say so many funny things and I know I am forgetting so much. One of my favorites is when you tell me you love me all the way to China each night. I love you all the way to China too.

  • Michelle from Australia - He is SO handsome. And makes me feel so old as I remember praying so fervently for all to be ok on the day he was born. Beautifully written Jess. M xReplyCancel

  • Ashley Stewart - Jess, your boys are just precious. Little Levi seems like such a fun little man to be around! And you are such a great mama! I don’t have kids yet, but when I do, I hope to be like you in the way I love my kids and model Christ to them. You and Joel do a great job!ReplyCancel

  • nicole - He is so darling. I love how sweet and genuine you are to them and how you keep christ as your foundation.ReplyCancel

  • Sian - Adorable. I still remember finding your blog through Pinterest. Right about the time you did Griffin’s two month photos. My little boy was just past a month at the time, so from that moment on I did his monthly photo. Am so grateful for finding that – having those photographs is wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Sian and baby Elis from Wales, UK.

  • Jana Duresky - Your boys are both so adorable but I have been smitten with Levi since he was a little baby! Something about him just made me smile! I always enjoy seeing the pictures of him going to the farm as it reminds me of my “little boy” who is now 22 and how much he loved going to the farm with his grandpa. That “little boy” has grown up to be a farmer and is learning to take over his Grandpa’s farm! Levi and Griffin are really blessed to have such wonderful,God loving parents! I so enjoy your blog and hope you continue it for years to come!ReplyCancel