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vintage kitchen shower

Way back in January I helped throw a kitchen shower for my newest sister-in-law. I kept meaning to post some pictures, but you know how timely I am! So, here it is a few months later…a vintage kitchen bridal shower.

The sweet Lauren from Lauren Haddox Designs designed the invitations and all the paper goods. She is so great. I just send her my ideas and I always love everything she comes up with. If you are looking for party printables, go check out her shop!

Lauren also created a matching recipe card that we included with each invitation. We asked the guests to bring a favorite recipe to share with the bride.

We gave Morgan an apron and made her wear it for the shower. She looked beautiful even in an cupcake apron!

My sister and I were in charge of the decorations. We decided on a vintage kitchen theme.

The decorations were so easy and fun. We just used things we had in our own kitchens or around our houses. Wooden crates, muffin tins, cake pans, wooden utensils, Pyrex, cookbooks and vintage table clothes.

We didn’t really have a plan for the tables. We just brought everything we thought might work and put it together the day of the shower.

We decorated the mantle with doily bunting, hearts, and wooden utensils.

The background of this picture about kills me. Let’s just pretend this shower took place in an old barn or somewhere outdoors with white wooden chairs around each table. But it was January in Kansas and our church was nice and warm…and had a fireplace! So just ignore the miscellaneous things in the background. 🙂  The cute love bunting was also designed by Lauren.

The shower was in the afternoon but we didn’t want to only serve sweets so we served veggies and pasta salad too.

And instead of cupcakes or cake we had a fruit pizza bar. These were so yummy!

Citrus water, strawberry water and coffee for drinks.

The bride and her mama.

My other sister-in-law was in charge of games. My sweet little niece was her assistant. They asked Morgan questions about Owen and each time she got a question wrong she had to chew a gumball (and keep them all in her mouth until the end).

My niece was so cute. She got so excited each time a question was answered wrong and would just giggle and giggle as she handed Morgan another gumball.

For favors we sent each guest home with a wooden spoon…with a cute thank you tag tied on with bakers twine.

This was such a fun shower! Morgan and Owen had a beautiful rehearsal dinner and wedding too. I will show you those pictures soon!

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Kitchen shower invite and printables :: Lauren Haddox Designs

Food trays :: Amazon

Wooden spoons :: World Market

All other decorations and kitchen items :: vintage or handmade