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later today…

Good morning! We have been busy preparing for our garage sale that starts TODAY! It is amazing to me how much stuff I can accumulate. Sheesh. De-cluttering feels so good. The boys have been busy helping me too as you can see. 🙂 With all this garage sale stuff going on I didn’t get my post for the Bible Study finished for this morning. I am still planning on posting…it will just be later today sometime. So make sure to check back…thanks for being patient! I look forward to hearing about what God taught you in the first lesson! Happy Friday!

  • Heather L. - Dear Jess,

    I stumbled across your blog through a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend. I have been reading your posts about Cora and crying through each one. What a precious little girl that the Lord gave you, even for such a short while and with so much sadness.

    I want to thank you for opening your heart here not just to friends and family, but to strangers like me. I just suffered a second miscarriage and have felt so, so alone in my sadness and struggling so much with not just sorrow, but deep fear and a feeling that the Lord really isn’t on my side and I really can’t trust Him after all.

    Your grace-filled words in a time of the worst pain that I could possibly imagine has been more comforting and instructive to me than any other. You were the sister that the Lord knew I needed.

    Thank you.