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Joel and I took the boys to their first movie a few weeks ago. I don’t know if they even knew what a movie theater was…but they sure were excited. Levi could hardly hold still.

We went to see Planes. Cutest movie ever. It really was so good!

A lot of people on Instagram mentioned that we were brave to take Griffin to a movie. This kid loves movies. Probably a little too much. He will sit on the couch for a long time watching a show…Levi was never like this. I wasn’t sure, but I figured he probably would be fine. Popcorn, pop and a movie…it was his best day ever. 🙂

Also, when you go to the movies on a Monday night in a small town you get the whole theater to yourself.

Seriously, we were the only ones there. It was great. So we didn’t have to worry so much if the boys were talking or getting out of their seats. It was perfect for their first time.

They made it through the whole movie. I’m sure we won’t be frequenting the theater with these two crazies…but it was definitely a fun “first”.

And Planes is their new favorite movie for sure!

  • Mary Ann - It is fun to see little ones go to the movie the first time. My grandson is 3 so he’s much better than he used to be sitting through a movie. I think the credits and previews are way to long, especially when it is a Disney movie. But popcorn and treats help. I always always love the pictures of Levi hugging his little brother. Those are the cutest of all pictures. Glad they love “Planes.” My grandson thought that movie was great!!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle from Australia - A whole movie theatre to yourselves? Really? Wow. What an amazing Blessing for taking kids to the movies for the first time. Sounds like a gift straight from God! So glad the boys enjoyed it. M xReplyCancel

  • CassM - Planes was the first movie theatre movie for our 2 oldest boys this summer too! (ages 3 and 4) It was a great introduction for them and they are big, big fans of the characters and story too.ReplyCancel

  • Jody - And sometimes on a Friday night there may only be two other people in there.ReplyCancel

  • Lara - So sweet! They remind me soooo much of my son at his first movie (that he made it through, anyway!), which was Toy Story. He was 4, now 21 and married, and he stood like your boys did for the ENTIRE movie and was enthralled with it. Way to go, Pixar!!ReplyCancel