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a little more easter

Just a few more Easter pics…

easter mountain3

This is how our Easter mountain garden turned out. The grass came up but I think it would have worked better if our “tomb” would have been a smaller clay pot so the dirt could have been thicker. Next year. We put our pipe cleaner Jesus in the tomb on Friday and Sunday morning the boys found the angel and the empty tomb when they woke up. He is risen! (He is Risen banner by CMHandmade)


After our dandelion pics we spent the rest of the day at Joel’s parents house. My three handsome boys.


Joel ended up going home sick after lunch. Such a bummer. But we stayed to hang out with the cousins and go on an Easter egg hunt. IMG_0147new IMG_0151new IMG_0154new

It was a small group of cousins this year. Griffin was already busy stuffing his face with candy.


And that’s a wrap on Easter 2014.

  • Mary Ann - So sweet!! I like how the tomb turned out. Very clever idea to help litte ones understand the significance of the resurrection of our Savior. I took my little grandson to day care this morning to help out my son who is doing his finals today. The day is rainy and cloudy but the sun was trying to peak out and was a backdrop to the dark clouds…very beautiful. When my grandson saw the grandeur of nature, he said, “That is where Jesus Christ lives!!” I said, yes, he is up in heaven and watching over us. I’m so glad he recognizes the Savior in his life and hope he always treasures that knowledge. Happy Spring, Jess!!ReplyCancel

  • Lea - I just found your blog through another blog and what a delight it has been to browse through. What a testimony you have been through the loss of your precious daughter and the faithfulness of God through your loss and grief. And, what precious little boys you now have. I look forward to following your blog and getting to know you better. Blessings abundant!!!ReplyCancel