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easter eggs


I like to dye our eggs outside. It is always more fun to do things outside…and then I don’t have to worry about the mess. It has been so windy here lately that it was hard to find a day that worked this year…but we finally did. This was our pre-egg dying picture. No normal smiles around here anymore. And anything big brother does, little brother does too. dying eggs1



dying eggs2


dying eggs

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These two have way too much fun together. I love to hear their giggles.




We managed to only have a few cracked eggs this year…and a few green fingers. 🙂 I can totally handle that. It was our best egg dying year yet. You have to click back and see the pics of the boys dying eggs from the past few years.

easter eggs 2012

easter eggs 2013

Little cuties. They keep growing and growing! And next year there will be one more set of fingers trying to help us. I can’t wait!

  • Mary Ann - Oh my gosh…how cute. I loved looking back to 2012 & 2013. I thought it was funny how Griffin’s eggs were smashed (but getting dyed!!). Our egg dying experience was way fun now that my grandson is almost 4. We put funny faces on the eggs, and gave some of them hair and wrote our names on them. On Wunday we focused on remembering what Easter was all about so I talked a lot to my Grandson about the Savior and the love He has for us. It was a wonderful weekend.ReplyCancel