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flint hills 2014


Every year we take a trip to the Flint Hills with Joel’s family in the spring. This year our Flint Hills trip fell on Mother’s Day. It was the perfect, sunshiny day for a Mother’s Day picnic.


We always eat first but the kids finish their food in record speed and are soon off exploring. Which means the adults finish their food in record speed and are soon off making sure no one drowns. 🙂


The big adventure this year was catching little frogs. The big kids were catching tons of frogs so these three decided they could catch some by themselves too. flint hills 2


They were on quite the mission and were so proud to announce anytime they caught a frog. IMG_0714new

It’s hard to believe that these three only have one more year until they start school. They love each other.


More frog catching.

flint hills 4

In between exploring we tried to sneak in a few extra food breaks. These kids are hard to keep up with!


Joel waded in the creek pretty much all afternoon. He’s such a good daddy.


He was pretty much the designated lifeguard too.

flint hills

Oscar loved his first trip to the Flint Hills. We always seem to have a few babies around with this group!


And since it was Mother’s Day I had to have a picture with my boys. Hard to believe next year I will be squeezing one more little one. Can’t wait!


This is actually my favorite Mother’s Day picture though. 🙂


We left our picnic spot and drove over to the “picture tree”. While we were getting all the kids gathered I caught these two having a little chat.

flint hills 5

It gets crazier and crazier each year trying to get a picture of this crew of cousins. It was also super sunny and they weren’t loving that…lots of squinting eyes this year!


I know these trips will be some of our favorite memories to look back on. So thankful for family.

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  • Megan - So fun! I love this tradition! I went to the flint hills last month on a photo shoot trip with my dad. You can see some of my photos here if you’d like.

  • Stefanie - Look at all those kids! Awesome pictures. It looks like you had a great time!ReplyCancel

  • dana - Where do you go in the Flint Hills? This looks like such a great spot! And we’re always looking for places that are close to us that our boys would enjoy exploring. Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Carolyn Dewey - Simply marvelous fun and memories!!!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Ann - Darling photos….I love the one with the 3 little kids, the one with you and your boys (with their cheesy smiles), and well….all of them because they shows a lot of family love and happiness. I can’t wait to see your new little one….so exciting for your family to add another McClenahan!!ReplyCancel

  • Lea - What wonderful memories! This is what life is made of for sure! Such great pics of what was apparently an enjoyable time for all.
    Happy week!ReplyCancel

  • morgan - Cute photos:). I am a PT and I wanted you to know that Oscar looks like he may have torticollis. This is correctable but should be looked at by a doctor and then have treatment from a PT.ReplyCancel

  • creole wisdom - Jess, it looks so pretty up there! I was chatting with a friend’s husband the other day who is from Kansas and he was telling me how much he misses the natural beauty of his state. The Flint Hills look especially stunning.

    And Happy (belated) Mother’s Day 🙂

    I’m praying hard for a continued healthy pregnancy and easy L&D for you.ReplyCancel

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