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the week before jake

I am coming out of my new mom coma to attempt a blog post. Where do I even begin? Thank you so much for all your kind words of congratulations. Jake is the sweetest and has been our most laid back baby yet. He is making this transition to three kids so easy on us. The big boys are having a harder time and are making the transition a little more difficult. 😉  Change is hard for everyone and I am sure it is just going to take some time for us all to figure this out. I love seeing the bonds already beginning to form between my boys…my THREE boys! All that to say, I am not sure how much I will be posting…but I am determined to get some photos of Jake posted this week…because he is just too cute not to.

So for today, let me tell you about the week Jake decided to make his surprise arrival…

week before jake

I was 38 weeks and feeling incredibly huge. I had mastered the waddle (let’s be honest…I mastered that a long time ago), felt like my body might break at any moment, and was having lots of contractions. I still figured I would end up getting induced because that just seemed to be how it usually worked out. We ate pizza with my sister and her family on that Sunday when we took the belly photo together. She was due on July 25 and I was due on July 27. We were counting down the days…only two weeks left. But that meant I still had two weeks left to get everything done before meeting this little one!

The boys were busy doing summer things. Griffin has been all about catching toads…and all about wearing his shoes on the wrong feet…and all about mamas and babies. He was showing me his mama and baby toad in the photo above. Levi had his first swimming lessons this summer. He loved it and learned so much! He is so proud that he can put his head under water now. We finished the lessons the day before Jake was born. Phew! Barely squeezed that in.

Wednesday, the day Jake was born, was a full one. We spent the morning at the library for story time before going to my sister’s house. The boys and their cousin stayed with a babysitter and Anne and I went to Wichita to have one last sister date (thanks to my sweet mom!) before the babies arrived. We ate lunch, had our toes done, went to Starbucks and then ran a few errands. We got back about five o’clock and the boys and I headed home.

Joel got home about the same time we did. We talked about our days, I opened a few baby things that had come in the mail, and then I sat down on the stairs to watch the boys play outside. And then my water broke…or at least I thought that is what happened. Little did we know we would be meeting our Jake late that same night…eleven days early. Oh my, were we surprised!

  • molly - Enjoy this time. Man, does it just fly by. We welcomed our third in January. And YES, it is a big adjustment for the older boys! Now she is six months already and I can hardly believe it!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah W - Aww what an exciting start to your labor story! Congratulations Jess!!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Ann - And what a lovely surprise it was…I’m sure every momma would like to be able to have their 3rd baby come 2 weeks ahead of time on their own without haveing to be induced. He really is a beautiful boy. I love his name and your family must be in 7th heaven with your new baby Mac. You have a sweet family and I love your posts and pictures. I have followed your blog for several years and enjoy your sharing a little bit of your life with us bloggers friends. Enjoy the rest of the summer and life with your 3 sons!!ReplyCancel

  • babykatesmom - What a sweet family Jess! Please keep posting & sharing photos, your 3 boys are adorable & the 4th Mac Baby is too cute! I only have 2 but I remember the feeling in those last few weeks, neither came early & I was induced with them both – how wonderful to have your labor start all on its own. Baby Jake was ready to meet you!
    Hang in there!
    Hugs from Florida!ReplyCancel

  • Lea - Wow! that was quick! I’m sure you will have it figured out shortly and you all will have your routine and it will go smoothly. What a precious family! Blessings to you!ReplyCancel

  • Lori RAILE - Welcome to the Mama of 3 boys club!! We were so happy to hear that Jake had arrived and all was well! Wishing you luck with this time of transition. My baby boy Kaden turns one this week. My two older boys love him SO much but there were certainly challenges in the beginning. Just keep including them in his care and letting them know how special it is to have brothers! Colt and Luke tease and bicker constantly but have this amazing bond that makes my heart so happy!
    Lori RaileReplyCancel

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