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halloween 2014

Halloween 2014 goes down in the books as the easiest halloween ever. When I asked the boys what they wanted to be they both yelled, “Super heroes!”. It just so happened that they were super heroes two years ago. They still had the capes and masks I made them and they both already had super hero shirts that fit. Done. And my sister had a little spider man outfit for Jakey…because he couldn’t be left out of the super hero gig.


Thursday evening our church hosted a Trunk or Treat. Trunk or treating is my favorite. We just walked around the parking lot in a big circle and then we were done. No scary costumes and the boys got lots of candy so they were so happy.


The next day we trick or treated down Main Street in our little town with some of our cousins. It was fun too except that Griffin cried every time he saw a scary costume…which was like every five seconds. Poor guy. Let’s all just dress up in fun, happy costumes next time, okay? I ended up carrying him pretty much the entire time. He was still pretty happy about his candy though…of course.


The little cow on the end was being very entertaining and no one wanted to look at the camera. Cousins are so fun!


I have no words for these next photos. I told them to give me their best super hero poses and this is what I got. Enjoy the entertainment.



These two always keep me laughing.


I tried to get a shot with all three superheroes. But then I remembered that boys cannot hold still. Especially boys who are wanting candy. šŸ˜‰


Dressing up and getting candy is so fun…and so crazy. How in the world am I going to keep up with all three of them next year? I’d better get my superhero cape ready because I’m going to need one. Haha.

  • Mary Ann - Jess…I think you ARE a superhero. You are an amazing mother and wife. I admire your spunk and enthusiasm in raising your boys. They are so precious and the photos….they are priceless. I’m glad you enjoyed the Halloween festivities. My 4-year-old grandson was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. It is a fun time for kids that age. I love your posts. I know it must be hard to keep them going, but please don’t stop. I love your blog and those boys…well every picture, every post is just precious and makes me smile every time. I love your faith in our Savior and the trust you put in Him. You are being a faithful daughter and your are one very special superhero mama.ReplyCancel

  • leiah - A Wonder Woman outfit šŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • nee - super cuties!and i agree no scary costumes allowed! šŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Mary Ann - I forgot to mention that I love the picture of the boys in front of Cora’s playground. Your lovely daughter, your Cora, is not forgotten. I think of her often when I go to your blog. It reminds me of how precious life is and how much each individual in our lives, no matter how long they stay in our lives, makes our lives so much richer and better for having known and loved them. Thanks as always for sharing a bit of your life with us blog friends. Some of us don’t know you in person but it’s not hard to love your family.ReplyCancel

  • Melinda - Your boys are absolutely adorable! Love the super hero faces šŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • creole wisdom - What cute goof-balls you have! I love the super hero costumes… so colorful and fun. I agree about the scary stuff. There’s just no need for that.ReplyCancel

  • Stefanie - They looked so cute!ReplyCancel