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jake // six months



I am finally catching up on Jake’s monthly posts…so bare with me. Month 6 through 8 are coming all at once…with month 9 soon to follow. I have to write it all down or I will forget (because I already had trouble remembering back to six months)! So here we go…Baby Tiny at six months.

Dear Jakey,

How can half the year have gone by already?! Six months is a big deal. And while I would love for you to start sleeping through the night and take better naps, I am hanging onto these precious baby days. You are the sweetest, happiest baby. You started eating baby food this month and you think it is pretty great. Baby cereal and vegetables…there hasn’t been anything that you haven’t liked. Why am I not surprised that you like to eat?! You are sitting up like a pro. You love to be in your highchair, walker or bumbo. Although I can barely fit those chunky thighs into the bumbo anymore. Maybe that has something to do with you weighing 21 pounds 4 ounces. You are still known as Baby Tiny by almost everyone. I’m pretty sure that nickname is going to stick, so I hope you like it. I laugh every time I think of my big, chunky baby being called Baby Tiny…but somehow it suits you.

Happy half birthday, sweet boy!


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