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jake // seven months


Seven months has been a month of firsts

First airplane ride // You almost had to miss your first airplane ride because your daddy had an emergency gall bladder surgery, but thankfully he quickly recovered and off to California we went.

First trip to the beach // This also meant you got to take your first trip to the beach and dip your toes in the ocean for the first time.

First formula // Your big brother had a seizure while we were in California so you tried out some formula with Grammy while I was in the emergency room with him.

First tooth // On February 8 your first tooth popped up. Your second tooth was soon to follow.

First crawling…almost // You almost crawled for the first time. You are trying really hard and are so close…but not quite there.

First nights away from mama // Your big brother had to spend the night in the hospital when he started having more seizures which mean you had to spend your first nights away from mama. I didn’t like it one bit and was so glad to be together again. I think you were too.

First bath with brothers // You took your first bath with your brothers. Three little boys in a tub is pretty wild but you loved every second.

Not the first ear infection // And it wasn’t a first, but you had another ear infection this month. Those are never fun so we are hoping this is the last one of those!

We all love you so much, Jakey! I can’t wait to see the firsts that eight months bring.