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jake II 9 months


Dear Jakey,

Nine months has been a game changer. You are officially on the move, into everything and wanting to be with your brothers at all times. Apparently you think you are a big boy now. I have no idea where my baby went!

Moving  II  You started crawling on March 19. We thought you might drag one leg like Levi did (so funny!) but that only lasted a few days. Now you use both legs and are fast. You can get anywhere and into anything. On April 10 you decided you could stand yourself up too. So now you are pulling up on everything and your brothers are hiding all their toys. You love to be outside swinging, in your walker, or sometimes crawling around if I am nearby to pull everything out of your mouth. You are busy, busy, busy.

Firsts  II  Besides crawling and standing you had your first Easter, first four wheeler ride, first time riding in the front of the grocery cart (I can’t carry your car seat anymore because you are too heavy!), first finger foods (you love cheerios and peas) and are finally sleeping through the night (you usually still wake up once around five in the morning but that is so much better so we are counting it…woo-hoo!).

Growing  II  The fact that you are growing is pretty obvious. 🙂  Baby Tiny isn’t tiny anymore. At your 9-month checkup you weighed in at twenty-three pounds. You have so many baby rolls and your legs are so squishy. I love a chunky baby. Your hair is growing over your ears so now I have to try and see how long I can hold off before your daddy makes you get your first haircut.

Just like with your sister and brothers, I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. I can’t wait to see what you learn next, but don’t grow too fast. Love you to the moon, sweet boy.

Love, Mama

Jake 9 month collage

  • Mary Ann - Jake is so darling. They grow up way to fast, right? He must bring so much joy to your family.ReplyCancel

  • Toni :0) - Good gravy is he just so adorable!!! I love healthy and chunky babies. I think they are just the best. So much more to love!!! I grew a big boy, he’s now sixteen and in a size 14 shoe and nearly 6 feet tall! LOLReplyCancel

  • Emily - his rolls are adorable! and his little smile just melts my heart! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Brady - Geez Louise. Every time you post about this cutie it makes me start seriously considering a third child! And I truly thought that first picture was of Cora (based off the pictures you’ve posted of her, of course)–I had to do a double take!ReplyCancel

  • andrea - he looks just like joel! so cute.ReplyCancel

  • Liana - Love all the toe grabbing in the pics! And so wish I’d done monthly pics with my 3. What awesome memories!ReplyCancel